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    Michael Jackson The Experience Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Although King of POP departures from us, he lives forever in many of his fan's heart. Today, there is a work named Michael Jackson The Experience on the iOS platform to honor this great singer. Is this an exciting news for you? Just dance to the music!
        The operation of this game is very distinct compared with other dancing games. Players only need to "touch" when playing regular dancing games. But in this game, players can also draw lines and semi-circles while playing this game, which riches this game. In addition to this, players need to touch the screen in a designated region for regular games. But in this game, players can finish the task by making different gestures during the relative period of time.
        Actually, there are many video clips inserted between different songs. So if you are a MJ fan, you will be very exciting by enjoying these nostalgic scenes. Let alone these video clips are 3D.
        Generally speaking, this is a classic Apple game. You can draw out the correct path at the help of the music by following the tops on the screen to finish your task. You will be rewarded with different scores according to your degree, including both Great and Perfect.
        Even if there is no MJ in this game, the 3D characters, vivid dancing steps, excellent stage effect, convenient operation and distinct dancing moves do also add color to this game. This game can be named as a masterpiece for all of the above advantages. But the combination with MJ makes this game immortal.

        Unlike other traditional music games, this game has its own style. All the beat operation in this game need to be performed by touching the screen. Players need to make different gestures to finish their task, including move up, move down, move to the left, move to the right, draw out a semi-or full circle, and touch the screen, etc. My suggestion is that new players should carefully follow up the teaching mode at the beginning of this game, which will help them a lot.
        Note: Locations you need to touch are different for every time. Thus, at first it may be difficult for players to guess where they should touch next time. But don't worry, there will be relative black circles tips for you. So what you need to do is to adapt yourself to the appearance of these black circles to master the beat.
        There is also a showtime. Players can perform all kinds of classic MJ dancing moves during the limited period of time for additional scores. But there will be no tip during the showtime. So players need to touch the screen based on their own understanding about the MJ dancing moves. Bad performance means failure.
        Players can also buy MJ clothes with different styles except for the four songs free of charge. But other songs need players to pay for them if they want to try them. Once obtaining these props, players can apply MJ of different styles to appear in this game. Besides, more new items will be added to this game to attract more players to join into this game.

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