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    Midnight Club II Game Review:

        At first sight, you will mistakenly think of that this game is published by some Japanese developers. Actually, this game is developed and published by the famous producer Rockstar Games whose representative work is GTA.
        This gane is of typical Rockstar style. It is a traditional car racing game. The theme of this game is about the illegal car racing during the midnight. In this game, excellent car racing players will get together. They will hold many wonderful car racing games in Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo one after another.
        There are not too many restrictions in this game. Players can freely choose their opponents. Besides, they can also take any means to get to their destinations. The system does not mind if they will take advantage of the shortcut or something else.
        Unlike the former games published, there are given roads. But in this game, players can choose their own roads to go forward.
        28 different kinds of motorcycles are involved in this game. Maybe different players prefer to different driving skills. So they can choose their own ready motorcycles.

        Generally speaking, it is very easy for players to get familiar with this game. The reason is that they can control this game only at the help of the four direction arrows.
        You should not drive too fast, although there is relative tips for you, otherwise you will run over the pedestrians or electric poles, etc. Besides, there is a mp for you. In this way, you will not get lost. Your car will smoke once it is greatly damaged.
        You need to compete with your opponent in this game. There is no specific task for you. So you should drive as fast as you can as long as you make sure the safety. But there is no time limit for you. If you are bad at driving, you can spend the whole day to get to your destination.
        Different cars and different characters available to you during the different episodes. The roads are different either. The highway in Los Angeles in very interesting. But you need to watch out for the traffic jam. The roads in Paris are twisted and crowd. So it is a test for your driving skill. We are not clear about the real situation of the Tokyo road for now.
        There are no given start point and destination for player in this game and no given racing roads. But in order to get the champion, players need to try every means to be the best. For example, they can take shortcuts, knock their opponent on purpose or do harm to their opponents. Even still, they can turn to NPC. Besides, you should know that motorcycles are also available in this game. It is a good thing because motorcycles can run faster although they are not resistent to damage. Anyway, the cars are also good. Compared with those in the former version, cars in this game are made of new material. But watch our for the passing cars, too many collisions mean you need to star this game all over again.

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