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Minecraft Earth
Minecraft Earth
Minecraft Earth

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      Minecraft Earth is a really great game as far as AR is concerned. Many people like to play this game in AR mode. It is really fun and extremely interesting. There are many adventures you can experience in Minecraft Earth. And while you are exploring different places on the map, you will have opportunities to get more crafting materials, including some rare variations of creatures. Remember to take these creatures to your home because you will not feel lonely anymore with these creatures beside you while you are working. You can see that all the adventures shown in a very clear way on the map, signaled by large beacons of light that stretch high into the sky. Once you get to a certain beacon, you can walk around, search for useful crafting materials and use them to craft customized structures. Actually, it is not always about searching for raw materials and crafting. Sometimes, players may occasionally enter into a combat fighting against those hostile creatures in the game, it is better for you to carry your weapons all the time. If you are in a dangerous situation and there is no weapon available, you can try to fend the monsters off with a variety of makeshift weapons. Maybe you might worry that this fighting might be too fierce. And you will get yourself involved with some bloody fighting. Believe me, the main line of this game is about crafting. So the violence is light. And there is no trace of blood.
      And if you are not inherently against in-app purchases, you can also buy some build plates to accelerate your crafting process. And this game's in-game currency is Ruby. But remember to convert your real world money into in-game currency, so you need to figure out what your money gets you in Minecraft before you buy anything which is really important.
      Generally speaking, this is a wonderful mobile location-based augmented reality game. You can play it both on IOS and Android devices. It is more interesting to play this game compared with other similar Minecraft games since this game applies the augmented reality to merge amazing elements and contents of the Minecraft games with the real world.
      In your real life, you just buy a house and live in it. Everything around you is bought by you with money. But it is really wonderful to craft something with your own hands instead of buying with money. This kind of feeling is really amazing. It will feel make you feel like you're a craft master. You can create any magical things that you can think of. Sometimes, if you are really tired of crafting big things like houses, castles and buildings, you can try to craft a flower, a butterfly, or just a really cute pig.
      So it is time for you to start your crafting journey in Minecraft world. This is a living and breathing Minecraft world. And no one knows beforehand what you might come across in this wonderful and mysterious world. If you would like to, you can invite your nicest friends to join you together. You can build some really nice things for yourself like a really magnificent house. Once you complete your work and you are really satisfied with your masterpiece, you can put it into real life. And remember to walk directly into this house and enjoy yourself, you will feel so amazing to have your own dream house. It feels like you are really in a such a nice house. So just start your adventure right now!