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    Minecraft – Pocket Edition Game Review:

        Minecraft has been very popular recently, which is named as the first Sand play game around the world. At first sight, this game has nothing to talk about. But there is a free world in this game. In this world, you can create anything you want, including the game environment. Here, you are the omnipotent God.
        Someone says that in this game you only need to do two things: construction and destruction. You can make use of any fundamental stone to construct different things. So you can build houses, castles or even cities by applying your imagination.
        Passive mobs: the passive mobs will never attack players.
        Pigs are the passive mobs in this game. They are also the source of renewable food.
        Pigs will turn into a zombie pig once hit by lighting. But there is no golden sword in its hand.
        Young pigs
        Pigs will try to jump over the obstacles. But they will not avoid the water on purpose. On the contrary, they will float on the water.
        Pigs will seek for roads just like other mobs. They will try to avoid the cliff and obstacles. But they will be distracted by the wheat on their way. In this way, they will fail to jump over the obstacles, avoid fire and cliffs.
        Cow is also a kind of passive mob. Cow and mushroom are the only source of beef and milk respectively.
        Cows will moo and wander aimlessly. They will try their best to run away once attacked. It is not within their ability to avoid the water. But they will follow the player with wheat in his hand. Besides, wheat can help the cow reproduce.
        Milk the cow by grasping an empty bucket and click the right mouse button on the cow. You can milk the cow as many times as you want.
        Feed two cows with wheat can make them give birth to a young cow for you. They will need five minutes before the next reproduction. The parent cow will not leave the young cow until they gown up.
        Young cow can move faster. But they can grow into an adult cow after 20 minutes of its birth. You will get nothing once the young cow gets killed. But you can milk the young cow.
        Chicken can provide you with feather, raw chicken and eggs. Feather can be used to make arrows. Raw chicken can be used as food. And you can process eggs into cakes.
        Chicken will lay an egg after five or ten minutes. They will follow players with wheat in their hand. It seems that chickens are just wandering aimlessly and they will not consciously avoid the water. In the dark place, chickens will be attracted by light. In the water, they can also swim to the surface by flapping their wings.
        Bats lives in the natural cave or in the closed space. It is the only passive mob that can fly. Although they always send out some noisy sounds, they will not do anything that might influence the game. As for sight, bats rank third. Besides, it will not be easy to recognize them in the dark because of their deep skin color.
        Neutral mobs will not attack players unless they are provoked. There are different means to provoke the neutral mobs.
        Hostile mobs will attack any player within their sight.
        Players can create utility mobs and make use of them.

        Double W: run
        S: backward
        A: move to the left
        D: move to the right
        Space: jump
        Q: discard things
        E: open the backpack
        F: adjust the visible range
        T: chat
        F1: hide the interface
        F2: screen shot
        Five game modes:
        Creation mode
        The number of blocks is unlimited in this game. Besides, you can fly. So you do not need to worry about your safety. You can also buy blocks, mobs, monsters and other articles in this game. The functions included in this game are more complete and better than those of in the free version.
        Living mode
        In this mode, players need to build constructions and all kinds of weapons to protect themselves from being attacked by those monsters. Besides, they need to dig out all the minerals buried underground. The number of block is limited in this mode. Besides, players need to dig out all blocks they might apply in this game because there are no free blocks provided in this mode.
        All kinds of articles, such as boxed, kart, trail and water bucket, etc. can be made from different blocks. Besides, players can obtain other resources through hunting or planting.
        You might eat food when you are hungry. In this way, you can recover you life value. Besides, you should know that your life value will be deducted once you are attacked by monsters or drop down from a high place.
        Extreme mode
        This mode is similar to the living mode. The only difference is that this mode is more difficult to break through.
        Risk mode
        Blocks and other props cannot be destroyed with empty hands in this mode except for the glasses.
        UHC (Ultra Hard Core)
        In this mode, you can challenge more than one players once you think that you are already invincible.

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