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    Mini Ninjas Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This game is produced by Elo Interactive. As you know, their games are mainly about violence. But in this game, there are a lot of cartoon figures. The reason is that they want to win more players at different ages.
        In this game, players will act as a Ninja hero. They will pass through a series of trainings to polish their skills and fight against the vile warriors. At last, players need to get to the castle of destiny and kill the evil governor with their own excellent fighting skills and Ninja force.

        Strategy guide:
        It is both challenging and interesting to fight with the BOSS in this game. Although it does not have a high request for the players' gaming skill. But you need to acquire specific ways to kill these BOSS one by one.
        1. There is a big sword in the hand of this BOSS. It cannot bring great damage to you. But there is a heavy armor on it. Thus the Ninja cannot attack it. It will wave its sword in a crazy way. So you should be careful not to be hurt by its sword. Once his sword is stuck in the column, you can jump onto the sword by pressing A and then press B for several times according to relative hint, wave WiiMote up and down, press A. In this way, the Ninja will jump onto he head of this BOSS and attack it. You can repeat this series of action for three times to kill this BOSS.
        2. Fan BOSS is good at farting. Usually, it will use fan when it farts. You need to dash to the BOSS by pressing B and travel through its crotch. (the condition is that the fart is not far away from you). By taking advantage of this short moment, you can move back to the BOSS and attack it based on the hints provided by the system. Next this BOSS will release more farts. So you need to move fast and evade these farts. After this, the BOSS will apply powerful skill. But don't worry, you can avoid it by jumping up.
        3. Stilts boss has a long sword in its hand. At the same time, its sword can release numerous lines of lights. You can find this BOSS in a room full of water. But first, remove the puny soldiers around it. Pay attention to the red vertical column, the BOSS will cut it down. At this moment, you should jump onto the falling column by pressing B to start counterattack. Every time you can cut off a piece of the tilts. Next, you need to jump into the water again and swith to straw hat and get to the near plank road built along the face of a cliff. You need to move quickly because you can not fight back in the water. You can destroy the BOSS's tilts by repeating this action for three times. Next, you can kill this BOSS in whatever way you prefer to because it already loses its tilts.
        4. Bird BOSS is a warrior who looks like an owl. It is belligerent and can move fast. Players will have a fight with this BOSS on the snow ground at the top of the castle. The BOSS will fly high into the sky and then dive down to attack you. If there is no hint, you can hide in the snow. Next the BOSS will search for you in the snow. At this moment, you should attack it from its behind by pressing B and waving Wii Mote.
        Afterwards, the BOSS will be thrown to the castle. But at last, you need to change your way to attack the BOSS. Specifically speaking, you have to strike the BOSS for three times to kill it.
        5. You will kill the final BOSS on a square platform. There are many small animals around this BOSS. Besides, there are also a lot of magic balls circling it. So you need to apply Ninja force to destroy the magic balls first. Next turn the animals into warriors with musical notes to deal with the BOSS. My suggestion is to take time machine, meteorolite and bottles filled with blood. In normal circumstances, you can call upon small warriors or grenades to help you deal with your enemy. Once the BOSS releases the musical notes, you should strike these musical notes go back to the BOSS. At last, you can also attack the BOSS with meteorolite when it loses its consciousness.
        Small warrior: It will ask for partners for help in panic as long as it sees any BOSS. It is a simple character.
        Archer: Tora is recommended to deal with archers because Tora can bring these archers with great damage with its claws. Besides, it is hard for archer to hit Tora because Tora will keep spinning when it applies its claws to kill enemies.
        Big warrior is very funny. He will call upon his small soldiers to deal with fragile enemy. But once his soldiers are dead. He will stand still or run away. The color difference is linked with the combat resistance.
        The spearman makes me edgy because I don't know where to start. For a while, I ask Hiro to kill it with one strike. Afterwards, Shun appears. This character can use his arrow and bow to kill you in a distance. Besides, he is very big and strong. Once stricken by it, you will lose a lot of blood. But he is very clumsy. Thus you can apply Futo to attack him from his behind. In this way, you can kill him after attacking it for several times.

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