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    Monster Truck Stunt Rally Game Review:

        This is a monster truck racing game. This is a realistic game although its size is no more than 10MB. The physical operation feeling is different with thrilling game scenes and realistic sounds effect. So players definitely cannot miss it once they are into the monster truck.

        1. It is a video for players to enjoy at the beginning of this game. You had better enjoy it first, which will help you find the correct feeling to control this game. Next you can edit your truck if you do care its appearance. And then you can click GO and start the game. Actually, all the controlling buttons involved in this game are the four direction arrows. They will be totally enough for you if your driving skill is good and you have a better control of this game.
        2. You need to drive through vertical walls or slopes with different angles. So if you are not familiar with such kind of game, it will be hard for you to control the balance and the direction. You will drop down even if you manage to reach to the top.
        3. You need to be focused and control your balance well in front of a vertical wall. Or you will fall down with your truck before reaching to the top of the wall. If the slope is soft, and then it is suggested to dash before you climbing up the slope. Next remember to press the relative direction button once you reach to its top. Or you will still fall down under the attraction of gravity. Under such kind of circumstances, it is no doubt that your truck will explode.
        4. Your truck will also be damaged if it hits the trees or the stones around. But you can press the Space Bar to repair the car. Do not worry though, the repair will not take too much time. So you do not need to start the game all over again.
        5. You can see the game time you already used on the screen. There is no time limit for you in this game. But you can obtain more scores by climbing through more walls. In this way, you can upgrade your truck in a quicker way.
        6. Besides, there are some triangle wooden gates in this game. You can win scores by successfully passing through these gates. But you cannot hit the sticks. Or your truck will be damaged. So it is not very easy to control this game. It is likely that you will lose control to your truck in a blink of an eye. So do not press the direction arrows too hard, especially when you are passing through those trickily deployed triangle gates.
        7. Do not try to challenge those high walls at first because it is not an easy task for you to perform. In turn, challenging these high walls will frustrate you at the beginning of this game. So you had better to try those laser gates with different colors ar first. There are yellow, green, red and blue gates. Having conquering these gates, you can try to challenge those high walls.

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