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    Monster Trucks Nitro Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This is a car racing game. In this game, players can choose a car and take part into this game. Actually, there is a game in America called Monster Trucks Nitro. But it is very dangerous for ordinary people to try it in reality. So this game provides them with a platform to experience this real game in a virtual world.
        This game is with 3D pictures and real content. Besides, players will feel exciting to try some special skills included in this game. In face of all kinds of traps, dangers, and roadblocks, players need to be skillful enough. At the same time, players can polish their driving skills by repeated practice. Once they break enough records and win enough medals, new racing track will be unlocked. In this way, they can own innovative and spectacular racing car.
        This game includes altogether 16 levels and 5 different kinds of racing cars (two of which needs to be exchanged with your accumulated pointes). Players will face different challenges for different levels. Besides, five racing tracks are also different. So it is really interesting to play this game. This game will be an unparalleled classic free of charge for players who are fond of car racing game.
        Unlike The Need For Speed, this game does not have too much requirements for players, including their driving skills. Thus, what players need to do is to control the speed of the car and the angle when they are flying through some roadblocks.
        Don't always aspire for perfect. First, you should try to break through all of levels and do not care too much about how many gold medals you obtain after each level. The reason is that the levels are not difficult for you to break through. So you can earn enough gold medals during the later stage of this game. With these gold medals, you can purchase upgraded racing car.

        Strategy guide
        It is very convenient for players to control this game. This game includes altogether 16 levels. Players cannot try the next level unless they break through the former level and win the gold medal. There are also five racing cars available for players in this game. At the beginning of this game, only three racing cars are available. Other two kinds of racing cars are under the screen. They are not available until players obtain four gold medals and eight silver medals.
        The first level: Dune Raceway
        Given time: gold medal(29 seconds), silver medal(30 seconds) and bronze medal(32 seconds).
        This level is set in the desert. The main purpose of which is to let you familiar with the environment. Thus it will be easy for you to drive your car. Besides, the slopes are mild. But you should not so off guard because a mild slope might make you decelerate. Besides, you should pay attention to those spring board. You should fully make use of these spring boards because they can help you break through this level easily.
        The second level: Bumpy Way
        Given time: gold medal(23.50 seconds), silver medal(24.50 seconds) and bronze medal(25.50 seconds).
        This level is a little bit difficult. There are a lot of buildings like houses. Besides, there are small stones on the road. So you need to fly through these buildings and wipe out those stone to pass this level.
        Players will see cliffs in this game more than once. So you need to accelerate and dash to the other side of the bridge or slope as fast as you can to reach to safe places.
        You will meet this kind of dangerous terrain more than once. And you will fall into the abyss with your car if your speed is not fast enough from the very beginning.
        The third level: (Fly and Crush)
        Given time: gold medal(38.50 seconds), silver medal(39.50 seconds) and bronze medal(41.00 seconds).
        The third level will be less difficult for you. You can easily obtain a gold medal. The point of this level is that you need to wipe out all of roadblocks. There are buses, oil buckets and small stones and so on.
        The third level is full of unexpected difficulties although it is not difficult for players to break through this level. There will a trap waiting for you at the beginning of this game. A truck is buried in the sand. So you will knock into it and lose your balance if you are not careful enough.
        In the third level, you will come across a small bottle of "oxidant". Your car will get extra momentum to run forward. That is to say, you car will run with a fast speed during a limited period of time once it touches the oxidant.
        The fourth level: Free Style
        Given time: gold medal(32.50 seconds), silver medal(33.50 seconds) and bronze medal(34.50 seconds).
        Still, this is not a very difficult pass. You can break through it after the first try. Players in this game will hold a speed contest at the top of the great canyon. But you should be careful and do not drop into the ditches.
        The terrain of this level is really twisted. So you need to drive your car as fast as you can. Only in this way, you can successfully pass each road blocks.
        Some deep valleys are filled with water. So it will be difficult for you to climb up once you drop into them.
        The fifth level: Oil Crisis
        Given time: gold medal(25.00 seconds), silver medal(26.00 seconds) and bronze medal(27.00 seconds).
        This level will be difficult for you to break through. So you need to drive carefully by adjusting your driving skills.
        The blue car is recommended to be used in this level. This car can run at a fastest speed. So you can leisurely fly through the road blocks and win more time for yourself.

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