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    Mr Robot Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This is an adventuring game. In this game, players will act as a machine maintenance man on the shadow spacecraft. The computer system of the spacecraft goes wrong when it is flying to a new planet. So you need to control Mr. Robot to explore this spacecraft and repair the controlling system of this spacecraft at the help of other robots. During this process, you also need to evade network attack from your enemy.
        Robots are favored by most young players. There are a lot of games about Robots. But usually, these games are about how Robots fight against human's tyranny. But this game tells players how a loyal Robot rescues human lives! It is coll for players to enjoy this game because of its convenient operation, oil paintings and fluent plot!
        The graphics and designing of this game fully reveal the creativity of the development team of this game. In this game, players need to perform some actions. Besides, there are riddles for them to resolve. You will experience a totally different Robot world. The style of the graphics is distinctive with unique characteristics. Both the cold machine and melt spacecraft are very vivid in this game. Besides, there are a lot of Robots walking at a slow pace. Once started, you will be attracted by the visual effect of this game.
        There are more than 200 rooms in this game for players to explore. Of course, it is not trouble free. 20 different kinds of enemies will create all kinds of troubles. But don't worry though, you have seven Robot allies. What you need to do is to destroy the malignant computer network and finish the task of rescuing the endangered spacecraft.
        Character description:
        Asimov is a universal type of Robot, which can manage to do a lot of tasks. But compared with the special Robot, Asimov is not professional enough in many respects.
        Zelda is good at repairing things. Obviously, it acts as a maintenance man in this game. Unfortunately, Zelda is left behind in Asimov's memory.
        This Robot responsible for maintaining programme. Its expert lies in computer network. Or you can say it is good at hacking into other computers. It seems that it shows no favor to HEL from the beginning.
        Raistlin is a type of interactive Robot. It can help to maintain the high-speed network. But it keeps in record a lot of things in private that HEL do not want other people to know. Thus it has been constantly threatened by HEL.
        This is a heavy loading Robot. Its chassis limited their intelligence. So they are not good at controlling computer programme. The lucky thing is that they are strong. So it is not easy to wipe out them even in the computer network.

        Strategy guide
        Control ---> Joy stick
        Keyboard: left = <- , right = ->, up= A , down = Z.
        Space Jump
        Dot --------------------------- 10
        Horseshoe------------------------- 100
        Elf ------------------------ 100
        Ultra------------------------- 200
        Ignite a bomb ----------------------- 500
        Eat Ultra and kill fire ball--------------- 500
        Ignite bomb and kill fire ball----------------- 30,000
        Some hot keys
        Modifying Checkpoints graphics
        > or <
        c small magnets
        O flashing dots. It is also the so-called ultra. After eating it, you can kill fireball
        = elevator, allows you to rise
        / / Down lever - allows you to safely drop
        X blue-violet beams - delivery point
        I I spring bed
        Large Magnets
        Elf balls

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