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    Mystic Diary: Haunted Island Game Review:

        First, you need to communicate with the wizard and then he will lead you through the manor. So what you need to do is to follow Victor's lead and stop Gustav's interruption! Unlock all of the hidden puzzles and collect those bizarre machines to reveal the secret of the room.

        General Tips
        This is an Interactive Hidden Object Game.
        Click on the Options Button to adjust the Music Volume, Effects,
        Environment, Custom Cursor, and Full Screen option.
        You can choose to do a tutorial after the game intro.
        When your cursor changes to a magnifying glass that means the area requires closer inspection.
        Areas that sparkle mean that there are Hidden Object scenes there.
        Inventory items can be found by completing Hidden Object scenes, solving puzzles, or random discovery.
        Random clicking will cause the screen to cloud over temporarily.
        Click on an inventory item to pick it up and then click on the object on which you wish to use it.
        If your inventory bar gets full, you can use the arrows on each side to scroll.
        Your progress will be tracked in the Ghost Diary on the bottom left of the screen. Inside, you can find clues, objectives, and notes to help you on your way.
        Drag an inventory item to the hint area and then click on it to get a clue if you are unsure what to do with the item.
        Click on Goals in the lower right of the screen to see what you need to do.
        Hints replenish at a reasonable rate.
        You need to click on some areas to advance or trigger a goal.
        Most puzzles can be skipped after a time, but there are some that will require completion in order to continue.
        Click on Menu to the exit game.
        Chapter 1: The House
        Click on the sparkling area on the left and find all the items on the list.
        A PAIR OF PLIERS will be added to your inventory.
        Click on the blue cloth and pick up the FIREWOOD.
        Pick up the GEAR 1 of 3 on the fence, on the right.
        Click on, and check out, the door, the ornamental head to the left of the right windows, the broken window on the left of the door, and the top of the tree.
        Click on the mailbox and use the PAIR OF PLIERS on it three times to fix it.
        Click on the repaired mailbox to open it.
        Take the GHOST DIARY from the mailbox.
        Click on the apparition of Victor to get an entry in the Ghost Diary.
        Click on the left side of screen to get an arrow; click again when the arrow appears to reach the next area.
        Click on the sparkling area by the bench and then find all the items on the list.
        A LANTERN will be added to your inventory.
        Take the KNOB from the tool bin.
        Click on the haystack.
        Take the BROOM and sweep it across the area until all the leaves are gone.
        Rotate the rings of flowers until they complete the picture. Backing out does not reset the puzzle.
        Take the HORSESHOE from the center of the completed puzzle.
        Use the HORSESHOE on the mechanism attached to the furnace.
        Use the FIREWOOD on the furnace.
        Click on the controls connected to the furnace; push the levers down, from left to right: 3, 4, 2, 1.
        Take the MAGNET (horseshoe) from the mechanism on the left.
        Head right to the front of the house and use the MAGNET on the broken window to get the DOOR KEY.
        Use the DOORKEY on the door lock.
        Flick the switch on the wall when you enter the house.
        Use the DOORKNOB on the cabinet and then take the KNIFE from the shelf inside.
        Take the GEAR 3 of 3 next to the bear rug.
        Use the KNIFE on the picture on the wall and then take the PLAN PIECE.
        Take the SWEATER from the stairs.
        Click on the opossum under the stairs, the gas valve on the right of the stairs, and the gear boxes on the top of the stairs.
        Click on the door in the back of the room to enter the back room.
        Click on the sparkling hidden object area and then find the items listed.
        An OILCAN will be added to your inventory.
        Pick up GEAR 2 of 3 from under the cupboard.
        Pick up the BRICK from under the couch.
        Use the BRICK on the mirror until a puzzle is revealed.
        Place the coins in the correct spots. When the coins are correctly placed,
        the picture of the planet will be clear.
        Take the COLD SPELL SCROLL from the bottom of the completed puzzle.
        Use the COLD SPELL SCROLL on the fireplace and draw the symbol.
        You will see an outline of the symbol flash on the drawing space, giving you an exact location.
        Take the CROWBAR from the fireplace after completing the drawing.
        Use the CROWBAR on the hatch in the floor.
        Click on the bottom of the screen to go back to the main room.

        Return to the Mystic Diary: Haunted Island Game.