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    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Game Review:

        Game Introduction:
        Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is the fourth work of the Storm series collaborated by NAMCO BANDAI and CyberConnect2. The available platform is PS3 and Xbox360. This game is released in the spring of 2013. The game starts from the events including five shadows struggle and Ninja war happened on Ninetales sixteen years ago.

        Game strategies:
        1. Wave Wind Minato VS "masked man"
        P.S.: you can become familiar with the fighting system
        Y Chakra will recover his power by pressing Y button
        After pressing Y key twice, Chakra will go into two stages explosion. Next you can press B button for super killing.
        After pressing button Y, you can press button A to march forward. Pay attention to your enemies' long distance ninjutsu.
        LT is the doppelganger skill. You can apply this skill the moment when you are under attack. But there is a tries limit.
        RT is defense, RT+B is cast skill.
        You can move your fighting field to leaf village before the end of the game.
        2. Sarutobi Shinobu & Kiba VS ninetales
        P.S.: The beginning part is the teaching mode of Sarutobi VS ninetales. You can press button K to launch a melee attack by wielding Nyoi-Bo.
        Press button A for jump + Move the joystick to the appropriate platform can avoid the nine attacks.
        By pressing Y button you can enter chakra burst mode, and then you can press the X key to use remote kill windmill shuriken.
        After being hit by several times, Konoha ninja will appear on different platforms. You should move it to the appropriate location. After several button pressing as prompted, ninetales will be knocked out and then you go back to the fight of the Naruto father and mask men after the victory. Please continue to enjoy the animation.
        3. You will receive your first task according to the red arrow tip on the map, and then you can finish your first task by the side of the letter box.
        4. You will finish the first chapter by passing by the square and meeting your friends.

        Chapter two
        1. Naruto VS Yamato
        P.S.: You should use the sword in the hands of the Rasengan as best as you can. In this way, you can win a "splendid victory."
        2. Naruto VS Raikage
        P.S.: If your opponent successfully evades the attack of the Naruto's Rasengan, and then you will go rogue.
        You should grab or attack your enemy with doubleganger skill. If you attack your enemy frequently with swords from the front side, you enemy Chakra will dash to you in a violent way. So you should calculate precisely the distance.
        3. Naruto VS "masked man"
        P.S.: Masked man can attack in a fast speed from a lo9ng distance. You can use doubleganger skill to evade if you do not have too much time for defense. Moat of his moves are of great damage. You should focus on run away and the opportunity to kill him within a closer range.
        4. Sasuke VS Raikage
        P.S.: Note the version of Rachel Raikage. You should let Chakra use Sasuke twice. "Unicorn" can be easily broken from a close distance. You also can all upon many player to attack your enemy together. Raikage can change when it turns into red-blooded. The speed of the melee attack becomes faster with high degree of damage.
        5. Sasuke VS Gaara
        P.S.: Gaara's sand based jutsu is of positive range, fast attack speed. So you should try to go around on both sides of it.
        6. Sasuke VS Samurai
        P.S.: Red giant soldiers can be got rid of through a series of melee attack by pressing B button. The space is very narrow. After defending the attack of the guard soldiers, you should first deal with Rachel attacks from the red paternity derived, which is also very effective on the surrounding attack.
        Enough batters should be followed by the A teleport. You should use this skill perfectly so as to avoid the crowd.
        When the upper left key commands "YYB." Sasuke can use when moving broadsword. On the way according to the instruction,you need to press the button for multiple times. And the entering time will also become shorter.
        Accidentally, Ninja Gaiden takes part into this play ...... After few battles, he comes to the designated location, which is the place where five shadow held.
        7. Sasuke VS water shadow
        P.S.: If there is a long distance, water shadow will attack you with long distance ninjutsu. At this moment, you can just use "Unicorn skill" to defeat him before the arriving of the water column.
        Story: Earth shadow appears. Sasuke is rescued by the "mask man". Will "mask man" disclose his true identity?
        8. Continue to control Naruto according to the map to the designated place. And then he will fall into memories.
        9. Naruto VS Itachi
        P.S.: Itachi does not show his full strength in this fight. He will evade once and time again. Charge two spiral pill for Chakra or wait him to run to you for best opportunity.
        10. Back to the map you can buy medicines supplies at the store.
        You should keep going to meet with your teammate. Sakura starts to confess to Naruto.

        Chapter three
        P.S.: this kind of character will dash to you and it is agood at melee attack. After two stages of force recharging, Chakra will creates an octopus……
        2. Sakura VS Sai
        P.S.: You should take the advantage of doubleganger to avoid this character when it is flying to you with a vehicle below him. All of his abilities are with the same force. But his is very quick in terms of attacking. Besides, he has a very good control ability from a long distance.
        3. Sasuke VS Danzo
        P.S.: This is the repeat of the classic fight. After force recharging, both Sasuke and Danzo can turn by pressing button Y. Frequent use of doubleganger skill might not be a smart choice because there is a possibility that your enemies will also apply the same skill, which will do harm to the fight. You should try to find attacking opportunity after defense. As long as you find your enemies weaknesses, you can defeat him after several round of attack.
        4. Naruto VS Yamato
        P.S.: You should be careful that unexpected attack is easy to be hit by the wooden skills of wide range. It will be hurt if you are attacked after jumping.
        5. In order to complete the evolution of Syaringan, Sasuke is ready to kill the dying Secretary...... After witnessing all of this, Sakura tried to persuade Sasuke to stop this. But out of our expectation , he began to attack Sasuke ......
        6. Sasuke VS Sakura
        P.S.: you should keep close to your enemy by using doubleganger skill. And then use Sasuke's powerful vitality to defeat your enemy.
        7. Naruto VS Sasuke
        P.S.: After consuming some blood, you can choose a branch. Here you can choose HERO for a try. The next is the fighting story. You should pay attention to the opportunity button. Pressing button RB needs fast speed.
        8. Naruto VS Li

        After victory, according to the game story, Kabuto shows the most terrible weapon in front of the mask man- Dirt reincarnation!

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