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    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Game Review:

        Need for Speed´╝ÜHot Pursuit is a game developed by Criterion Games and published by EA company at the end of the year. This is also a new generation racing game.
        This game will recover the policeman-bandit mode, allowing players to challenge other players around the world. During the game, players can unlock new racing car and equipment and new map. This game is one of the best exciting racing games.
        Under the multi-players mode, players can act as a policeman or a racer. Besides, each racer and policeman has their own life mode. There is also a new function called "Autolog " is added into this game. This allows players to compete with their friends in many different aspects.
        The system will scan your friends and help you analyze how many of them have played this game and in which mode they have played well or in which way they have defeated you. All of these information will be sent to you continuously. You can just challenge the guy who defeated you as long as you see him.
        The name list of your friends will be undated regularly. It looks more like a social network. You can also upload your photo onto it or send messages to other players.
        This game satisfies players wish to be a policeman instead of a racer. Policemen in this game are equipped with "excellent cars". Besides, they have their own paint. Different car combinations will bring different game experience. But a group of policemen will be hard to win any advantage.
        For a new player, it seems like it is very easy to play the racing game. They thought they can play this kind of game just like playing bumper car in the park. Thus the real racing game should not be very difficult for players to control.
        The racing track should also not be very tricky for players to pass through. You should know that the racing tracks under the hands of Criterion Games is both flat and modified by sceneries on both sides of it. Which player will refuse to drive in such a beautiful game scene?
        Life mode
        The life mode is available in this game for the first time. Players can act as policeman and racer om this mode. This game perfectly combines single-players life mode and multi-player life mode in a perfect way. So no matter you play this game online with your friends or by yourself alone. Players can get prizes, unlock new racing cars, new weapons and new equipment.
        Autolog system
        Your friends will play an important part in this game. This new Autolog system can connect you and your friends together. In this way, you can share game experience, graphics and challenges with each other. Autolog system can bring you a totally different challenging game experience.
        Weapon and equipment
        You can buy and apply different types of weapons. In this way, this game will be more interesting and exciting to you. You can always find a way to deal with those policemen or other racers.
        Racing mode
        While the game progress, in this game, you will have more powerful racing car. You can drive the best car in the world and feel the incomparable speed brought to you by it. You can also apply Lamborghini Reventon to deal with those racers. Besides, you can also use PaganiZondaCinque to challenge the authority of the law.
        Under this mode, you will have a chance to explore the terrains along the California coastal area. Here, you will see the most rich game scenes.
        Special skill
        Again, this game provides players with policeman-bandits mode. Each player will have a chance to be a villain who keeps running for their lives; or to be a policeman who always tries every means to chase those bad guy down. Players need to figure out for themselves how to upgrade skills.
        1. Policeman-road nail: You can put the road nail behind the car to explode the tire. In this way, the car will decelerate.
        2. Policeman-roadblocks: You can call for backup or you just let the policeman act as roadblocks. If you do want a breakthrough, and then you need to consider the resulting damage brought to you.
        3. Policeman-EMP: Attack your enemy from a long distance.
        4. Policeman-helicopter: Call for helicopter for backup and it will set road nails in front of your enemies to stop them.
        5. Racer-turbo charger: You use it to boost as a flying speed. In this way, the racing car will reach its top speed within a shortest period of time. The policeman will be dumped behind you.
        6. Racer-road nail: You can put the road nail behind the car to explode the tire. In this way, the car will decelerate.
        7. Racer-disruptor: Disrupt the radar in the police car. In this way, the car will run slowly immediately. It will be a good time for you to seek hideout or change the route quickly.

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