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New Super Mario Bros. 2
New Super Mario Bros. 2

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo 3DS

      This game is mainly about breaking passes. Generally speaking, the first several passes are very easy to go through. But the later passes will be difficult. The characters in this game are very cute. Besides, there are other carefully designed things, including floating clouds, mushroom, sky, and castle, etc. The story in this game happens in a fairytale world. What needs to be pointed out is that actions performed by different characters are very rich and vivid. Players can jump, kick, run and fall down in this game. The graphics are als very magnificent either. By getting into this game, you will find there is a beautiful world just in front of your eyes. You will be definitely attracted by it. In this game, players can save beautiful princess as a hero. Besides, they can collect golden coins to buy outfit for themselves. Anyway, the game content is very rich. The most charming thing is the background music. You know that the background music of this game is of variety. It not always the same rhythm. During some pass, it is very bright and sweet. But for some passes, the background music is very dark and sad. So if you cannot tolerate it. I suggest you to turn off the background music in case it will exert negative influence on you. This is a great work. Let Mario stay at your side for every minute and every second.