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    New Super Mario Bros. 2 Game Review:

        This game includes altogether more than 80 different passes. It is more interesting to collect golden coins. Besides, surface structure is added to this game.
        This game includes more than 80 passes. There are ocean, beach, desert, and the world of ice.
        You can use prop to help Mario change. In this way, you can make the adventure much more successful.
        There are a lot of tricks in this pass. So you need to remove these tricks and march forward to your destination.
        There are many golden coins hidden in some passes. The system will help you accumulate your golden coins automatically. You can get “golden Mario sculpture” if the number of your golden coins reaches to one million. Besides, you can play this game over and over again as long as you want to.
        Passes with hidden coins
        1. Golden Mario
        It can help you turn the bricks into coins
        2. Golden bricks
        If you rush with a golden brick over your head, and then there will be a lot of golden coins poured out
        3. Golden links
        Your enemy will turn into gold in the short period of time once you get through the link. Your golden enemy can create a great deal of golden coins for you.
        Double game
        It will be easier to play this game because it supports two players to break through passes or collect golden coins at the same time.
        You can float in the safe bubble as long as you get into it.
        Dropping attack together
        You can kill all of your enemy by one strike if you dropping together to attack your enemy.
        Double golden coins
        Two players can win two times amount of golden coins.

        The first pass is not hard, which is mainly to help you get familiar with the game. There is a pipe. You can slide down along it. It is very convenient!!
        You can get into this pipe from the front side. You should note that there are 14 hidden golden coins at the end of this pass.
        Don’t worry. The 1-3 passes happens around the cliffs. You cannot be more careful.....
        Actually, 1-4 passes are very simple. But some players think that there is a long cliff that they can not conquer.
        The reason is that they do not apply the acceleration key.(you should press the acceleration key first. After getting to the edge of the cliff, you should press OK to attack your enemy continuously). When you can attack it, you should aim at your enemy precisely. Your enemy will lose one point of blood if you attack it for five times. But if you cannot attack it, you can just kick away its one pint of blood. But you should not that you cannot kick it continuously because every time after you kick it, there will be break time for your enemy. And during this period of time, your enemy is invincible.
        Now let us have a look at the fire castle.
        After the disappearance of Super Mary, this castle collapsed. It is too fragile!
        You should note that 1-2 are very simple. But there is a turtle and there are several little monsters around it. You can get one life by kicking it for several times. After getting the score, you should jump to the high stage and eat the green apple.
        Players have to get the hidden green apples during 1-2 passes. It is not hard. Remember do not eat flowers at first. You can get to your destination by collecting green apples. There are eight coins after you getting out of the pipe. Collect the coins but do not touch the pipe!
        Mario will have his first contact with the flying fish during the 2-3 passes. You can break through this pass by pressing the bullet and rush forward. But you have to avoid the flying fish. In the middle of this process, you can kick a turtle. By this way, you can get an additional life. It depends on lucky because if you successfully lick the flying fish, and then you will get additional reward. But if you cannot, you have to end this pass with 3000 scores. Don’t compete with the flying fish in terms of kicking height.
        2-4 pass will be a little bit difficult.
        It is very dangerous to compete with the flying fish. You also should pay attention to the gap between the flowers when you meet with the cannibal plant. There is also s star here. If you are a new player, you should not risk your life to kick the turtle and catch two mushrooms. In the middle, there is a pipe looking downward. There is a cannibal flower at the bottom of it!
        Hard point 2: spring. Many players do not know how to use this spring. Actually it is very simple. First you should jump onto the spring, and then you should jump quickly at the moment you fall upon the spring. At last, you should press the right direction key and acceleration key to jump to your destination if you are lucky enough.
        2-5 four tips: Don’t crawl into any water pipe
        The background music of this pass is very dark. So you should turn off the music in case it will influence your mood.
        There are also several inspecting lights during 1-4. You should avoid these inspecting lights carefully.
        You will find the hidden flowers by looking around in this place.
        Now you can enjoy the disappearance of the magical castle.
        It proves that you are a good learner if you break through the second world.
        The game will become difficult after this pass. Thus you should be careful when you are in the third world......
        This is the only pass that the background is about the night. The music is also wonderful!!!
        You can also kick him to death when you fall down. There are some difficult points: you will see a little monster at first. It will slide down slowly along some bricks. Once they touch the ground, they can jump back.

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