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    Nick Jr. Bingo Game Review:

        Game Introduction:
        The English name of this game is Nick Jr. Bingo. This game is similar to the games like Dora, which is about filling in the grid by the classic animals and characters. First, I want to explain the definition of the word Bingo. Bingo is a kind of grid filling game. This game is famous for the first victory to shout out "Bingo." Now, you can shout out Bingo too when somebody answers successfully some questions or does something successfully. This is a entertaining game. This game aims to children aged from 5-10 years old, which is fit for children to play. In this game, you can play with the seven-year-old girl named Dora. You can play three kinds of Bingo games, including color and shape, color and friendship, and number and letter. You will be rewarded for every win. The difficulty of this game is also classified as easy degree, mild degree and hard degree. Now, invite your friends to play this game together.
        This game is usually taken place in the game hall. The most common Bingo card is the 5x5. That means five lines and five rows. The corresponding letters are B-I-N-G-O. Players have to find our the corresponding numbers according to the sound and mark them out. If there is one player who makes out the BINGO format, and then this game is over with his work. Players can start next round of the game. It is can be said that this is a Bingo game that is fit for children to play. But this game introduced by QIqi makes use of the Bingo rules. Although it is not the same to the Bingo games in the hall. But the basic game rules and operation methods keep the same. The only difference is that many famous Nick Jr. Animation characters are added to this game. Apparently, the design of this game is targeted at children, including the music and the delicate pictures. Many interesting cartoon figures we like will appear in this game, including Dora, Tuck, Lenny, and the little duck Ming Ming. They will play game together with the children (the introduction to Dora will be included on the websites about the introduction to Save The Sea Creatures and Wonder Pets: Join The Circus. etc ).

        Game strategy:
        You can play this game by only clicking the mouse. The whole process is introduced by English. This is a pity. After entering this game, you should first create a user. And then pick one among the three types of games, which are basically similar to each other. One includes figures and animals with different colors and shapes. The other includes circles with different colors and five different numbers representing B、I、N、G、O respectively. The last one is the classic Bingo game. The game rule does not change. After entering this game, the programme will choose a competitor for you automatically. Next an animation figure will appear at the top right corner. And then you can see the corresponding questions. What you need to do is to choose according to the tips. The winner is the one who first completes the picture. Of course, there is reward for the winner. But the reward is virtual. Qiqi got ballons as the reward when he played this game!

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