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    Ninja Blade Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        The background of the Ninja Blade is set in the Tokyo of Japan. Players in this game can control those flexible and strong Ninjas travel in this city and kill monsters.
        Main character
        English name: Ken Ogawa
        Nationality: Japanese American
        Occupation: Ninja
        He is a laboratory artificial body. The toxicity of blood has been enhanced. He has a kind of calm and quiet character. Besides, he always appears in low profile.

        Strategy guide:
        X left mouse button
        Y right mouse button
        A Space
        B Keyboard E
        F switch the type of the boomerang (press E to fire the boomerang, you can also accumulate power by pressing E)
        CTRL+w,s,a,d=fast moving
        SHIFT defense
        Mouse wheel to switch the weapon (press 1,2,3 to change weapon)
        Press the right and left mouse buttons at the same time to bounce your enemy's fire balls back
        Q navigation function (you can go to the blue places)
        There are four options after pressing M (←enhanced defence, ↑add blood, → upgrade the boomerang, ↓upgrade the knife)
        You can click into the menu the press the right arrow to upgrade your weapon (the red energy will be consumed)         You can use the wind boomerang to put out the fire
        You can strike a fire by using the fire boomerang among the oil tank.
        If your enemy is too far away, use the electricity boomerang to kill it.
        During the game, you need to destroy the wall with the wind boomerang and then come to the opposite side at the help of the two blades by pressing Space. Sometimes you need to smother the fire first. (you need to first remove the Boss's armor and then attack it).
        If you want to use the machine gun, and then press the left mouse button to attack and load the gun by pressing the right mouse button. Switch the shell by applying the mouse wheel.
        The interface of this game is in Russian. Fortunately, the voice illustration is in English. There are many QTE in this game.......
        QTE will start once you jump down to the ground from the airplane.
        You need to perform QTE according to the relative tips. The time limit is about one second. So if the time you consumed is beyond this time limit or less than this time limit, the screen will scroll backward. You will feel that time is going back. In this way, you need to repeat QTE.
        There are several puny monsters on the ground. You need to kill them by pressing X.
        There are another batch of powerful monsters. To kill them, you need to press both Y and X to attack. You will see QTE over the head of the BOSS when it is at the brink of death. So you can press QTE to kill this BOSS in a magnificent way. But if you miss the proper time, and then you will kill this BOSS in an ordinary way. But the BOSS will be dead anyway.
        There will be the third batch of enemies to kill.
        After killing all of them, you will enter the QTE mode. Just kill the first BOSS with your knife.
        Suddenly, the BOSS will be circled by fire. At the same time, a lot of puny monsters are crawling to you. Next the BOSS will lift up his hand and strike the ground. You should be careful not to be attacked by the resulting shocking wave. You can press RT to avoid the attack. He will strike the ground more than once, thus you cannot be more careful.
        You can get close to the BOSS once the fire dies out. When you see QTE over the head of the BOSS, it means that it has little amount of blood left. Press the relative key and apply QTE to kill this BOSS. But you will find that the BOSS still alive. On the contrary, half of the building collapses.
        Next you can press the RT to dash to the opposite side. This move will be performed automatically.
        The advantage of this game is that you will not drop down once it is not necessary.
        Here there are several rooms. There are more then one monsters in it. You should kill them with your own way. Suddenly, the BOSS get out of the wall behind you and strike you, which is out of your expectation. Don't panic. Just jump to the opposite horizontal bar.
        Press A and jump to the first horizontal bar and press A again to jump to the opposite side. This is the same case to deal with the second BOSS. Next press RT and dash to the top of the wall, which is similar to some magic in POP4.

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