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System Requirements:
      Do you like parties? Have you ever dreamed to play games with your best friends like you are having a party. If your answer is yes, and then this game can help you realize your dream. In this game, you can have a wonderful time with your friends. Entering into this game, you will find yourself on a platform which is built high in the sky or somewhere in the middle of the air. If you are afraid of height, this combat ground might be to your advantage, which means you need to be more courageous than those normal players to be the final winner. In terms of skill, it is not very difficult to play this game. Actually, your task is very simple. And there is only one task for you, that is, throwing your opponent out of the platform and be the winner. But strategically speaking, it is not very easy to be the final winner since there are so many players on the same playground. So you need to try every means to throw your enemies out of this platform before they throw you out and let you die. And show no mercy to anyone in the game process since reaction and control speed determine whether or not you can win. If you hesitate, you will be the loser. You can see that the outcome depends on who is the quicker one. The reason to say so is that each time you throw somebody out of this platform, you will become stronger, which means next time it would be easier for you to take down your opponents. Last but not least, this game allows you to play with all of those players around the world, so when you are playing this game, you will have a feeling of enjoying a global party. Of course, there is amazing music which can make this party more vibrant and exciting.
      Anyway, this game can help you relieve pressure and make you laugh. It is good to invite your best friends to have a party here and it is also not bad to join a global party with a bunch of strangers. The victory will be yours if you can take all other players down and be the final winner, and this is what you definitely can do!