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    Otherworld: Omens of Summer CE Game Review:

        This another AVG series will take you into a mysterious world. This kind of traditional treasure hunting game will be quite an experience for you. Otherworld2: Summer of Omens leaves enough room for players to chew it through twisting and imaginative story telling!

        1. This game includes altogether three choses of difficulty levels: casual, expert, and hardcore. Casual mode is designed for new plyers. There are more hints and guided help.
        Expert mode is designed for seasoned players: fewer hints and guided help.
        Play at your own risk! No hints, sub-game skips, or guided help.
        A Murder of Crows
        Take the leaf and the branch;
        Zoom into the car doors and open the left door; remove the two toys and the book; take the photo, the blooming flower, and the glove box key;
        Open the right door and take the letter; put the glove box key into the lock and take the SEA shell.
        Talk to Fiona;
        Zoom into the magical crest; put the leaf, the branch, the blooming flower, and the SEA shell into the slots marked in purple;
        Zoom into the nest and move aside the branches; take the 1/7 large bead, the 2/7 large bead and the wrench.
        Zoom into the car and open the right door; take the map;
        Zoom into the gate;
        Play the HOS;
        Rotate the 3 circles into the correct position and find the 15 crows marked in yellow;
        Talk to the crow;
        Play the mini-game;
        To complete this mini-game, match pairs of similar crows;
        Selecting two crows will reveal their pattern;
        If two similar crows are selected they will be removed, if two differing crows are selected, they will switch places;
        Take the 1/5 feather;
        Move forward;
        Zoom into the locker, take the stuffed bunny, the 3/7 lager bead;
        Zoom into the window, take the 2/5 feather;
        Zoom into the compartment, use the wrench to remove the 2 bolts marked in green;
        Play the HOS.
        Zoom in the bag to discover two items;
        Zoom into the box to discover two items;
        Zoom into the stroller to discover two items;
        You will receive the hammer;
        Turn right;
        Zoom into the bunnies and put down the stuffed bunny to play a mini-game;
        To solve this puzzle, put the bunnies 1-7 into their related huts;
        Take the 5/7 large bead and the 6/7 large bead;
        Walk down;
        Zoom into the window; use the hammer to remove the three boards marked in blue;
        Use the hammer to break the window;
        Enter the school;
        Zoom into the classroom door, take the 7/7 large bead;
        Zoom into the wall, talk to the scarecrow, you will receive the GEM;
        Take the 3/5 feather;
        Walk down and turn right;
        Zoom into the spinning beads, remove the 2 bolts marked in purple with the wrench;
        Remove the top and put down the 7 large beads;
        Play the mini-game;
        To solve the puzzle, press the beads to create the correct design;

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