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    Pac-Man Game Review:

        Pac-Man is a classic arcade game in the history of electric game, which is published by Midway Games in 1980. Pac-Man is thought as one of the most classic games during the 1980s. The main character of this game, the elf is regarded as a symbol of the popular culture. Its developer Namco also takes this image as a kind of mascot and the logo of his company, which has been carried out until this day.
        The main color of this game is black. The whole graphics of this game is completed as a maze by six characters of "Google". There are altogether four kinds of colors, including red, yellow, blue and green. It seems that players are trying to from a half closed and half open yellow circular mark. You may find out that the yellow circular mark can move when pressing the direction buttons. Besides, all of the tiny yellow peas can be eaten up on the way. But you will be destroyed once you meet with the ghost mark.
        This game is very popular among both children and women since its release. And starting from then, the popularity of this game has never diminished. Besides, the sales record hits the record high for more than once.
        This game is easy to learn but difficult to master. In the meantime, players need to avoid the little monsters as long as they can. Once the Pac-Man eats up the energy pill, it can bully the monster in a limited period of time. What especially needs to be pointed out is that the left entrance and the right entrance of the mase is leaded into each other. Miracle will occur as long as you can make use of them in a flexible way.

        First, let us talk about four monsters that are included in this game. The first is fast and clever; the second is slow but clever; the third one is fast but stupid; the last one is slow and stupid. The difference between the clever and stupid is that the stupid monster is just moving blindly in the maze, while the clever one will choose the shortcut to track the player.
        The score in 2600 version will be ten times lesser than that of included in the original version. In the original version, you will be rewarded with 200 scores after eating up a monster. But in the portable version, you can only get 20 scores. Besides, you can get IUP at the end of each level in the portable version. While in the original version, you cannot get an IUP unless you obtain10000 scores.
        What players need to do in this game is to control the elf to move in the maze and collect all of the beans in this maze. But it will be the end of the game as long as he is captured by the ghost.
        There are strength pills on the four corners of the maze, which can empower the elf for a while. In this way, the elf can eat up the ghost.
        During this period, the ghost will turn into blue and it will escape to the opposite direction with a slow speed.
        The interesting thing is that the eyes of the ghost will still exist although the ghost itself might be eaten up by the elf. The eyes will fly back into the ghost house. Afterwards, it will recover its normal color.
        It means that the strength pill will lose its power when the blue ghost is shining. While the game progress, you will find the duration of the strength pill is becoming shorter and shorter. At the later stage of the game, the ghost will not change its color when you eat up the strength pill, but it will escape to the opposite direction.
        Cherry: 100 scores
        Strawberry: 300 scores
        Orange: 500 scores
        Apple: 700 scores
        Grape: 1000 scores
        Flagship: 2000 scores
        Ball: 3000 scores
        Key: 5000 scores

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