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Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Paper Mario: Sticker Star

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo 3DS

      This is an interesting game. The main character of this game is the cute Mario who is widely accepted among players. This is a world of stickers and paper boxes. In this world, players need to act as Mario and finish all kinds of tasks. For example, they can protect the little mushroom from being bullied by the Chinese chestnut. Afterwards, the little mushroom will pay its gratitude for you. From this, you can see that this game is full of warmth and love. It is fit for children to play. But the only weapon involved in this game is all kinds of stickers. So you had better not prefer to frequently take of things in a violent way. Besides, there is a slot machine. Once activated, players can apply different weapons contained in this slot machine to deal with their enemies. But it will consume golden coins to activate the slot machine. The charming point of this game is that the graphics are of 3D. They are very beautiful and delicate. Moreover, this game is also very convenient for players control because there are not too much restrictions no matter from the perspective of game content or keys control. Generally speaking, this game is fit for players who prefer to break through different passes.