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    Paper Mario: Sticker Star Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This is a new game. In this game, players will start their adventuring journey in an unimaginable world made of stickers and paper boxes. Players can start their adventuring journey with sticker star Lucy and retrieve stickers scattered all over the world because of Cuba's mischief. There are all kinds of stickers in this game with different kinds of functions. So players have to fully make use of these stickers to deal with their enemies. Besides, there are other kinds of traps except for the enemy. In this way, players have to use these stickers solving puzzles in order to open a new path.

        Strategy guide:
        1-2 passes are very easy to break through.
        You can just march forward and kick the turtle
        There are two paths. First you should get out from the lower road. But you will get back to this pace later.
        Open the path by peeling off the seal on the ground.
        You can get into the next situation from the upper road.
        Don't stand in front of the electric fan to take it. Or you will be blown away by it.
        Next take the electric fan.
        You can return along the old path and get out from the upper road of the first situation.
        Press Y and put three blue or red stickers here. In this way, the little mushroom will pay its gratitude for you. Besides, it will give you some props with more than five lives. Maybe you do not have three flower stickers at hand. But don't worry. You will get them during the later stage of this game. You can come back here anytime.
        There are two hidden roads in this game. You can just walk to the left direction
        Keep walking until you get to the next situation. Here you can recover your health.
        Here, several Chinese chestnuts will bully the little mushroom.
        You can talk to the Chinese chestnut and persuade it not to bully the little mushroom by giving it 20 golden coins. Or you can take care of all of this by force.
        After this, the little mushroom will thank you with a fortune cat.
        Get the fortune cat.
        After getting to the place circled by a bunch of flowers, you can press Y to see the invisible question mark. This is the good way to get the enhanced sticker.
        Keep walking, get into the next situation and peel of the seel.
        Walk forward and a new story will start. Here, you are forced to fight.You can pick up any weapon you want once the slot machine mode is activated.
        First, I want to explain to you the slot machine mode. You can use the slot machine for once during the first round. It is free of charge for the first time that you are fighting with the BOSS. But afterwards, you have to pay for three golden coins if you want to apply the weapons included in the slot machine when you are fighting with ordinary monster or the BOSS. Press X to activate the slot machine.
        Once the slot machine is activated, three spinning wheels will keep spinning. You can press A to let it stop spinning. If there are three similar items in one round, you can use three stickers to attack your enemy. If there are two similar items in one round, you can use two stickers to attack your enemy. The number of the sticker will be reduced automatically in the next round. If there are three of the same items, and then you can get additional golden coins. Three stickers aim at different three monsters. Unless the number of the monster is less then that of the sticker, you can not choose whatever monster you want to attack. You have to attack them one by one from the front. I suggest you have a try for yourself. But you can also activate the slot machine, and then press X to get two of the same items by consuming more golden coins. Note the screen for the specific number of the golden coins in need.
        Here you can get the three stickers at the upper left of the this situation.
        Leave from the road on the right side.
        Walk forward and come to the end of this pass.
        Touch the star and you will break through the pass.

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