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PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight
PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight
PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight

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System Requirements:
      Do you like dogs? Can you imagine that dogs can fly in the sky? And have you ever imagined flying in the sky with your favorite dog? That kind of freedom is really wonderful. It feels like you are as light as a feather. And everything else is not important anymore. And the main character of this game is just a dog. And you need to control this cute dog to play all kinds of tricks to challenge yourself. Of course, it is really amazing to fly in the sky and enjoy the free air. But you will also meet all kinds of difficult tasks. And each level in this game will have different requirements for you. So you must guide your favorite dog to acquire different skills to realize your flying dream and if your performance is good enough, you will be rewarded with gold coins or badges. And with these gold coins, you can buy your little dog all kinds of snacks which will make him very happy and you can also unlock with these gold coins new moves and skills. All these new moves and skills will give you a totally different game experience. So it is better for you to collect all the gold coins before they disappear. And it will give you a deep sense of satisfaction to collect all the badges one by one. And it will also make your little puppy very happy to own so many badges, because these are not just ordinary badges. Actually all these badges signify glory. And there are some mini-games in which you need to unlock some special moves and to acquire more aerial skills that you can perform in the air. And altogether there are more than 30 levels for you to explore and each level has its own distinctive features. So there is no way for you to feel boring while you're playing this game.
      In a word, it is a really wonderful game for you to play with your children. It is really fun. Your children will learn more about patrolling by playing this game and he can also wear his new flight suit to explore this new world with you. The most important thing is that this game can also help train your kidsí math ability. For example, it can help develop geometric shape recognition with each mission.
      This will be a happy memory both for you and your children. And he will also learn something about teamwork, including how to corporate with other people. And he will also learn something about the right way of controlling the direction while he's driving. And he must feel really exciting to drive an airplane in this game as a patroller. It is really awesome even for an adult. And all the graphics in this game are really awesome. You will feel like that you enter into a totally different world. So just download this game right now. You can download it on any device that available to you. At last, you can take some photos or videos for the special badges that you earned for those completed missions. And remember to collect pop treats, speed boosts and perform wonderful aerial tricks!