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    Pearl Harbor Day of Infamy Game Review:

        Pearl Harbor: The Day of Infamy is a FPS. In this game, a Japanese bomber attacked Pearl Harbor. You will serve as an American soldier to defend Pearl Harbor. So your task is to shoot down all of the Japanese airplanes that are committing crimes.But they know clearly that they will be dead today.
        This game is similar to the current beach landing games, in which players need to land on beach timely. There are many airplanes in the sky casting bombs to your camp. Those suicide pilots want to destroy the whole harbor. So you have to deal with your enemy with canons. Besides, you have to shoot down all of airplanes by depleting resources. You are the commander in the ops. You are also the hope of this nation.
        In this game, players can launch a desperate fight in the air after successfully protect or defend Pearl Harbor.
        Pearl Harbor: The Day of Infamy includes altogether three battles and the "Quick Play" mode. These four battles are "Battle of Midway", "Manila", "Burma" and "Battle of Iwo Jima." in these battles, players can choose whichever mode they prefer to and finish relative tasks to break through the pass. Generally speaking, this game is excellent. Since its release, this game is widely accepted among players.

        The weapon will follow the movement of the mouse. Moving mouse to the right or left will turn the weapon in a 360° arc. Moving the mouse up and own will move the weapon up and down. Left click to the fire, hold to fire sustained bursts. But be careful, sustained fire will overheat the weapon, causing it to glow. In this condition, it will be unusable for a short time.
        You must shoot down all the Japanese Zeroes before they star to bomb Pearl Harbor. Only if you succeed in this task can you rewrite the history books. On the upper, right hand side of the screen, you can view the "Damage" status.Keep an eye on your damage status regularly because you will fail soon once you are badly hurt. So my suggestion is to choose the wise combat strategy from the beginning to deal with your enemy. Besides, you should pay your full attention to the flask training at first. Otherwise, you will fail the combat. The result is that you have to go through the flask training again.
        The Zeroes will attack in several waves, so be sure to cover the full 360° arc with your weapons. Even if there are no Zeroes to be seen in the current sector on display.
        Don't ever hit one of your in the heart of will lose a lot of points and that could turn the tide against you.
        After each level, you will receive a damage report telling you how much damage the Zeroes have caused. You will understand the 5 colors instantly-green's the best, meaning you have done great and receive little or no damage but dark red means that the Nippon forces were more or less able to do what they liked....
        So in this case, it is back to flak training for you.

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