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    Peggle Deluxe Game Review:

        Peggle Deluxe is a new game developed by Popcap, which is a shooting elimination game similar to Pinball. You can beat the level by eliminating all the orange balls with a silver ball. Besides, there is purple ball which can help you win high score. By the way, the most powerful ball is the green ball, which can activate your Magic Power.

        Move your mouse cursor to where you want the ball go. The launcher will automatically aim so that the ball heads to that point.
        Click the left mouse button to fire the ball. The ball will head right to where your mouse when you clicked.
        Hold down the right mouse button to speed up time. This is helpful when waiting for moving objects.
        Use the mouse wheel to make small angle adjustment. This is useful for getting the exact shot that you want.
        The left and right arrow keys will also make small angle adjustments. Hitting the Enter key will fire the ball.
        There are four types of pegs in this game.
        Pegs can be both round and rectangular.
        Orange pegs are worth 10× the value of the blue pegs. Clear all of the orange pegs on a level to beat the level.
        The purple peg is worth the 50× the value of the blue pegs. This peg changes location on every shot.
        The green peg activates your Magic Power. There are two green pegs per level.
        The number of points you get for a shot is the total value of all of the pegs multiplied by the number of pegs you hit.
        Every peg that you hit on a shot adds to a subtotal score. The shot score is the subtotal score multiplied by the number of pegs hit.
        The value of the pegs goes up as you eliminate orange pegs. The Fevermeter on the right shows the current score multiplier.
        Certain tool shots give you extra style points. These points add directly to your score and do not factor into getting 25,000 point free ball.
        After beating a level you earn extra points from the bonus holes. You also earn 10,000 points per extra ball left over.
        Free balls:
        You get a free ball if your ball lands in the free ball Bucker.
        Scoring 25k, 75k, and 125k on a shot also gives you a free ball.
        If you do not hit any pegs on a shot then you may be awarded a free ball by winning a coin flip.
        In duel mode, you get style points instead of free balls. Also, there are no coin flip free balls in duel mode.
        Game modes:
        There are four game modes in Peggle.
        Adventure play mode allows you to train with all the peggle masters. Progress through all the levels to become a peggle master yourself.
        Quick play mode lets you select an individual level to play. You may only play levels that you have completed in the adventure mode.
        Dule mode allows you to compete in a two player version of Peggle. You can play against the computer or another person.
        Challenge mode presents you with extra difficult peggle feats. Beat all of the challenges to become a peggle grand master.
        Dule mode:
        Dule mode has slightly different rules than the single player modes.
        In duel mode, two players take turns shotting the ball. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.
        You must hit at least one orange peg on one shot.
        If you don't then you are penalized by losing 25% of your total score.
        The game ends either when a player eliminates the last orange peg or when both players run out of balls.
        You have only ten shots in each level. You need to watch out for the number of balls left during this game instead of just focusing on firing the ball. But you can get extra chance by getting a free ball.

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