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    Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Don’t underestimate the power of imagination because it is the source of invention! Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension comes into being again. The characters in this game are very cute. Besides, this game has tight story structure and beautiful background music, which make this game both interesting and exciting!
        This game is adapted from the original Disney film. Players need to break through more than 30 passes. At last, they can save the earth by knocking know Doc. D.

        1. Press button Z for jump. You can realize double jump by pressing Z again when Fert is in the air.
        2. X is for attack and Z to cross obstacles.
        3. Don’t forget to collect batteries on your way because you can use them to buy things in the store.
        4. You can also use batteries to unlock doors or other blocks.
        5. You can kill your first enemy by just pressing X key. Press S to kell the next enemy. You will be rewarded with relative numbers of batteries after you killing enemies.
        6. In front of the third enemy, you should recharge for yourself first by pressing X. Next you can kill it by one strike through pressing S key.
        7. Now, you need to change character. It is very simple to change character. Just click the portrait under the screen.
        8. Collect the blue energy packs to fill your health bar.
        9. Next you need to use the baseball canon in the hand of the Fert to destroy the swith in order to open the stone door in front of you. But you should aim at it precisely from a distance and then hit it. It will be useless if you use canon to attack the stone door directly. Once you hit it, the switch will turn into blue from red.
        10. You will be in front of a yellow circle which is used to recharge for your canon. After recharging, you can press X to destroy the yellow circle and jump to the opposite side.
        11. Here you will come across an electricity robot. Remember only the canon in Fert’s hand can deal with it.
        12. You will be rewarded with more batteries by breaking the boxes in front of you.
        13. You can improve your health condition by using first aid kit.
        14. Oh, it will be a little bit difficult for you to climb up the wall. Here you should change the character to Agent P. Press X to let Agent P climb up the wall at the help of the right and left direction keys. After you get to the top of the wall, press ↑ and run forward. Or you will drop downward.
        15. Next you need to unlock a giant switch. It is very simple for you to unlock it. What you need to do is to jump onto the switch first, and then jump into the air by pressing Z. In the air, you can press X to activate the switch.
        16. Unfortunately, here comes the Robot. Remember you should absorb away the Robot’s shield by pressing key S. Next you can kill it by pressing X.
        17. Now you have to jump for several times. You need to be careful, or you will fall into the fire pit. On the opposite side, you will see a giant battery. You need it desperately because at this moment your battery remains low. Thus you should jump onto the stage and get the battery as soon as you can to win the game.

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