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    Pizza Chef 2 Game Review:

        Pizza Chef 2 is a both interesting and exciting matching game! In this game, you need to provide your customers with high-quality services in order to win the golden coins. As soon as you have enough numbers of golden coins, you can further invest in your business and expand it! In this way, you can make your small pizza store become famous even in the big cities and upgrade it into an upscale chain restaurants.
        The ultimate goal of this game is to make food like a professional chef and operate chain pizza restaurant which can provide players with high-quality pizza.

        You can play this game with the way that you play the traditional elimination game. That is to say, you can remove the same tiles together to remove them. It sounds simple. But the rule used to play this game is innovative, which is different from the traditional one. So it might be not that easy for you to pass the levels.
        The game mode is the same. But the rule and the method are distinctive. Players need to finish the background color by keeping removing those tiles. While you need to make pizza based on different shapes and different background tiles.
        There are more than ten different interesting levels are waiting for you to break through. Besides, there are some mini levels about words and food. Each level has its own unique characteristics. You need to apply different methods to break through them. The requirement is also different either. The good news is that you will be rewarded with relative amount of golden coins after each level.
        Of course, you can get more golden coins because of better performance and higher score. But you need to note that there is a time limit. So you need to remove all the tiles during a limited period of time to pass the level.
        After each level, with the golden coins you get, you can buy more pizza receipt in the shop to upgrade your beverage machine and other things. In this way, you can expand your pizza store as soon as you can. You can also cook pizza and other delicious fast food for your customers.
        But no matter your food or your service must satisfy the customers. Otherwise, there is no way for you to obtain more golden coins, buy more machines or expand your pizza store.
        The last point is that you need to seat your customer first as long as one of them walking into your restaurant. It is very simple to do so. You can just drag him to a certain seat. Next, you need to serve them with tasty pizza. Otherwise, they will become upset. Under such a case, you will get less golden coins, let alone tips. By the way, don't forget to clean the table after your customer leaving.
        Actually, the system will guide you how to make pizza at the beginning stage. As the old saying goes, "practice makes the perfect." So you should practice more at first in case of being over-preoccupied by the large number of the customer at the later stage of this game if you are not familiar with the pizza making process.

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