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PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes
PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes
PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes

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System Requirements:
      Join Catboy, Owlette and Gekko on a night time adventure in this brand new PJ Masks game app. Choose your favourite hero to play with and journey across the the moonlit rooftops to collect as many orbs as you can to save the day! Beware of any obstacles...those pesky villains have been causing mischief again! Pick up magic spheres and golden amuletes all over the way. Take part in new adventures of the heroes of a popular animations in this Android game. Select your favorite superhero and start your journey on the roofs covered with a moonlight. Tap the screen in time to make your hero jump or use super abilities. Avoid meeting flocks of bats and other enemies. Try to pick up maximum spheres and amuletes.
  • Collectable orbs - The hero characters will be able to collect orbs to add to their final score.
  • Catboy - ability to jump higher
  • Owlette - ability to see hidden orbs
  • Gekko - ability to smash through obstacles