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    Plants vs. Zombies 2 Game Review:

        Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a strategic game. Horrible zombies will intrude our home. The only defence weapon is plants. This game integrates real-time strategy, tower defense and cards collection.
        The content of this game: players need to control the plants and fight against those zombies in order to protect the botanical garden. This game tests players' wisdom and reaction ability. Once they have a good strategy, they need to show it by applying the perfect tactics.
        There are a wide range of tactics depending on plants allocation, fighting format, defence tactics, etc. Proper tactics is the key to defeat those zombies.
        Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a wholly new world which is composed of different levels, plants, zombies. The playing method is also different.
        Players can download Plants vs. Zombies 2 for free. The game experience will be the same. But players can explore new different worlds free of charge. In this way, they can challenge different new levels, obtain more plants and defeat more zombies.
        New characteristics
        In this new work, crazy David will also appear as the guide. Players can buy special props in his shop to upgrade their plants, and other tools and weapons.
        New plants:
        Boomerang shooter
        Description: it can attack three objects at most on the same line, attacking each object twice.
        Sun: 175
        Attack: 20*2
        Attack interval: 2.9 seconds
        Attack range: one line
        Strength: 300
        Cooling time: 7.5 seconds
        Bonk Choy
        Description: it can attack quickly the enemies in front of it or behind it
        Sun: 150
        Attack: 40
        Attack interval: 0.5 seconds
        Attack range: it can attack everything around it within a radius of three tiles.
        Strength: 300
        Colling time: 7.5 seconds
        Iceberg Lettuce
        Description: it can temporarily freeze a zombie.
        Sun: 0
        Attack: none
        Attack interval: none
        Attack range: one zombie
        Strength: 300
        Colling time: 30 seconds
        Other plants:
        Snapdragon: snapdragon breathe fire that causes damage in 6 adjacent tiles.
        Area: damages all zombies in the 6 tiles in front of it.
        Spring bean: it can bounce away zombies.
        Lightning reed: it can shock all the near zombies on with lighting, and its voltage arcing will sweep other zombies around.
        Peapod: it can allow players to plant several peapod in the same tile in order to make its original power increased by five times.
        Chili bean: it can hurt or kill the chewing zombies. At the same time, it will release dizzying gas.
        Coconut Cannon: it can turn the whole tile upside down by creating mild explosion damage.
        Power Lily: it can help creates fertilizer.
        Hidden level:
        Besides main levels and brach levels, there is a hidden level for every map. It cannot be unlocked until you finish all the main levels contained in the current map.
        1. Mummy Zombie
        Brief introduction: it is a regular mummified Zombie.
        Description: is he a mummy? Is he a zombie? It turns out he is a zombie who is rolled himself in toilet paper to protect his fair skin. True fact!
        2. Conehead Mummy
        Brief introduction: his cobra headdress makes him twice as tough as normal mummies.
        Description: Conehead Mummy Zombie prefers the circular cone shape over the typical pyramid shape. It is a fashion thing.
        3. Buckethead Mummy
        Brief introduction: he is similar to the buckethead zombie in the water, unless he is more resistant to attack than Conehead Mummy.
        4. FlagMummy Zombie
        Brief introduction: marks the arrival of a huge sandy "wave" of zombies
        Description: Egyptian FlagMummy Zombie
        5. RaZombie
        Skill: tries to steel sun and Powerup, just for safe keeping.
        Description: Ra Zombie is not actually named after the Sun God Ra, though that is a common mistake. He just likes Ra.
        6. Camel Zombies
        Skills: arrives in step with other camel zombies. Special: arrives in a group of three zombies or more. You need to smash his shield with a camel mark on it first.

        Mysterious Egypt
        The first level:
        Win three stars: the number of damaged plant cannot be more than one. The expenditure must be within 1250 suns. All mowers must be intact.
        Mines and iceberg lettuce are not available in the first level. Players can choose freely other plants. The number of sun cannot surpass 1250, so three sunflowers will be enough. Next, you can plant peashooter or the cabbage. You had better store some sun at the same time. At last, you can apply double peashooter to deal with a wave of zombies if there are enough suns for you. Generally speaking, it will not be difficult for you to break through this level as long as you properly make use of these plants.
        The second level:
        Win three stars: the sun output cannot be less than 2500. The maximum number of plants is 15. All mowers must be intact.
        You should collect as many suns as possible in this level by selecting both single head sunflower and double-headed sunflowers. As for plants, you can choose peashooter, cabbage, boomerang, potato bomb, and defense nut. The key is that you need to plant the sunflower from the very beginning.
        It is suggested to plant ten sunflowers at first. Or it will be hard for you to collect 2500 suns. While the game progress, you can reduce the number of sunflower to five. But you need to keep at least three sunflowers.
        Besides, defense nut can win you some time. Potato bomb should be used to deal with zombies more resistant to attack.

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