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    Plants vs Zombies Plants Explanation and Relative Tips:

Plants explanation:

    Ice Watermelon: Ice Watermelon is not the main battle weapon, the main function of which lies in deceleration. Although by putting two watermelons in the second and fifth row respectively, the zombies in six lines can be frozen. The fact is that four is the appropriate number of the ice watermelon in this game by taking into account the special circumstances. Its location can exchange with that of third row sunflowers on land. (personally, I think the ice watermelons should be put at the end)

    Updated mushroom: It looks like purple octopus as you can see in 2-2 and 5-2 (with eight assholes). It can be said that updated mushroom is the essence of my game layout because it can attack enemies from eight different directions at the same time with penetrating effect( that is to say, all enemies around are within attacking range). It can be used to deal with burrow zombies and little zombies thrown out by giant zombie. If there is no magnet available, the burrow zombie will appear from the last line with 100% certainty. The giant zombie will throw out little zombies in the third line. In this way, all you need is one octopus with eight assholes to take care of all of the zombies without the help of corn canon and other weapons. Especially at the later stage, the octopus is much more powerful than double beans and stars.

    Protection umbrella: you can see some carrots in the check 1-2, 6-2, 2-6, and 5-6. Their function is to protect themselves and the plants in the eight checks around each of them from capturing by bungee zombies. Note: bungee zombies will not capture corn canons. Excellent players can create other weapons. Take me as an example, I make full use of ice mushrooms to deal with bungee zombies. In the meantime, I update all the plants under protection in order to reduce operation labor. In ENDLESS pattern, the price for update will be more and more expensive.

    Ground spike: The main function of the ground spike is to delay the zombies from further marching(giant zombie can destroy everything by only striking once with his ax except for the updated ground spike). The updated ground spike is very expensive, thus putting them at the seventh row in a line is enough because if they are put in the front, they will be consumed by the cart.

    Big stone: Two things in the most front on the water. The function of which is to stop dolphins. As long as these two stones standing there, the corn canons behind them are safe. But they cannot stop dolphins from attacking if they are put in the ninth line.

    Gold suction magnet: As check 3-7 shows, it is used to gold suction. I played less than one week. I did not have enough old but I refused to modify. So every time, I will create this weapon. Players can create other weapons like double sunflowers if they do not need gold.

    Little cat: As you can see in 4-7, the function of the little cat is to prick the air ballons. Actually, excellent players can create other weapons, for example players can use ice watermelon to decelerate zombies because the air ballons cannot fly in a very quick speed. Besides, little cats and magnets can be replaced by ice mushrooms.

Tips for playing Plants Vs. Zombies:

    Tip 1: The four corn canons behind on the water are the most safest, other four corn canons are not safe enough. Every three passes, there will appear zombies on the water, as you can see in the locations 3-6, 3-9, 4-6, and 4-9. The two most front corn canons are most likely to be devoured. But in the later stage, the price of the corn canon nearly reaches to thousand. Solutions:1. The corn canon should be fired as soon as possible after the line of red letters disappear. 2. The check 3-7 and 4-7 should be empty. When the zombie appears, cheery(one-time explosion) or ice mushrooms should be put in these checks. And coffee beans should be used to activate these cherry bombs when a lot of zombies appear together.

    Tip 2: The four corn canons are likely to be devoured by small zombies thrown out by the giant zombie. The problem is that if the corn canon is fired too early, the giant zombie will throw small zombies in the fourth line. Thus, it is very important to control the destination of the corn canon. Generally speaking, the destination of the corn canon should be set between 2-8 and 5-8(except for the fir aimed at the third intrusion on the water). It can aim at a little bit left. But do not fire at the giant zombie too early, otherwise the giant zombie will throw out small zombies in the third line. Do not use corn canon to fire at the burrow zombies and small zombies behind because the octopus can take care of them. You should save the fire power to attack zombies in the front.

    Tip 3: You should plant pumpkin jar on the head of every plant. I usually carry one pumpkin jar and copy another pumpkin jar, especially for the ice watermelon in the first line and for the sunflowers in the third line. In terms of the two stone on the water, once the pumpkin jars on their heads are slightly damaged, a new pumpkin jar should be put on their head as soon as possible. The reason is that once they are totally destroyed, it will be too late to put a new one on them. Besides, the pumpkin jar is not expensive. Its price remains constant, 100 for each. So several double sunflowers can support its consumption.

    Tip 4: Do not finish the layout too early. It should be updated slowly. Eight corns will be enough in the early stage. The number of the corn should reach to 9990, and then update all other weapons. Before I reached to 49th pass, this number was still 9990. But I made a big mistake during the 50th pass because I put the cherry in the front. So my four corns were devoured by the small zombies thrown out by the giant zombie. I totally failed during the 51st . Personally, I think I can finish the 60th pass if I have a perfect weapon layout.

    Tip 5: Disposable protection spikes should be used frequently. Anyway, the price of the disposable weapon remains constant.

    Tip 6: Timely provide supply for the updated ground spikes that were destroyed in the seventh line.

    Tip 7: The corn canon should not be used in a casual way. The ultimate goal of the corn canon is not the giant zombie. The key is to master the opportunity. There are altogether ten corn canons, which should be used to destroy small zombies at the help of the watermelon to reduce speed. Generally speaking, when the giant zombie reaches to the seventh line, all the small zombies are basically dead, so as to the giant zombie.

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