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    Pocket God Game Review:

        Do you ever have such a kind of feeling that life is so boring and unfair. Why other people live a better life? Do you want to avenge yourself? Here comes your chance. In this game, you are the omnipotent God. The people living in a small island are at your command. They will not live if you want them wo die. They will not weep if you want them to be happy. Finally, you have a chance to create your own fairyland or a hell.
        Do you suddenly feel that you are special? Come and play Pocket God. In this world, you are the BOSS! Here, you can do everything in your mind!
        You will enjoy yourself to be a God in this game. You can travel between different game scenes when you are playing this game. Besides, you can create small aboriginal figures or draw out beautiful rainbow to make them feel happy and pleasure. Similarly, you can bring different kinds of tortures and sufferings to them. This is God!!

        Monkey island (the latest one)
        Use thunder and lighting to set fire to the torch on the right side.
        Under the banana tree, you can allure the monkey out of the cave with banana. Next put the monkey next to the tiny dirt man and watch the monkey play jokes.
        There is a statue on the left side of the tree. Put the dirt man into the statue, and then the chimpanzee will walk out. This chimpanzee will take away the tiny dirt man in the statue. Next you will see a very brave character who keeps saying "I will save you". In this game, you can apply the gravity effect to control the little dirt man. Touch the left side, and then this dirt man will jump up. Touch the upper left corner, this dirt man will climb stairs. But you need to watch out for those obstacles.
        ice island
        First throw the aboriginal character into the icy house from the top, and then throw into the fish. Next you will see the aboriginal character will cook this fish and eat it up.
        Throw those aboriginals into the sea by standing at the front side of this island. You need to aim at the ice blocks in the middle of the screen. In this way, you can call upon the icy monster under the water.
        Now, you need to deal with this monster. It is very simple to kill it. What you need to do is to throw ice blocks at this monster. It is better if you can kill it with a minimum number of ice blocks. This monster is very vulnerable when it is recovering its body strength by opening up its mouth.
        Throw two dirt men into the house one after another, and then they will become "big cannon".
        You can let the little man melt by magnifying the sun. After a while, you will see a hole under the dirt man.
        Next put the small man on the ice hole (readjust the sun to its normal size). After this, you will see a cuttlefish within the water try to eat this dirt man. Of course, you can save its endeavor and just give this dirt man to it. But if you refuse to do so, and then the cuttlefish will tear up the body of this small man. What you left is only the head.
        At the beginning stage of fishing, this little man will get a sword fish. Other little men will also try to get this sword fish. But all of them will be stabbed to death by the sword fish swallowed up by them.
        You can throw the little man on the dinosaur island into the ice hole. This time, you will trigger a fountain. The resulting icy needles will stab the living little men into death.
        First drag the dirt man to the spider web, and then just click it, you will see a monster. You can kill this monster with a fork. Or you can chase this spider away by touching the spier with your finger.
        Click a pile of dirt on the right side for twice, and then you will dig up a hole. Next put the dirt man into this hole. You will see this dirt man turning into a zombie.
        This little zombie will turn other normal dirt men into zombies. Next you can just slightly click zombie, and then it will just disappear.
        In this map, all of the dead dirt men will become ghosts. A normal dirt man will become crazy if it is combined with a ghost! Drag the ghost to a normal dirt man, and then this ghost will take away the normal dirt man. (both of them will not come back again)
        At the same time, you can make the ghost hide itself under the ground and appear suddenly to scare dirt men. Or you can let the ghost fly around the dirt man. The outcome is that the dirt man will be frightened to death. These four methods to scare dirt men are similar to each other.
        If you want to let the ghost walk, and then drag it to the upper left corner of the screen. At this moment, there will be a shining point. These ghosts can step into s fairyland once they are dragged to here.
        You can call upon vampire by slightly clicking the moon. A vampire will drag all of other dirt men into the water. All the vampires will be dead under the sun.
        You can lick the coconut to throw them at the dirt man. There is a record for hitting times.
        You can roast those dirt men with the magnifying lens.
        Click the dirt heap like a hill, you can call upon a pile of ants. A disgusting thing will come into your sight once you drag the ants onto the body of any little dirt man.
        You can kill all of the dirt men by clicking the statue.
        You can call upon many monsters by throwing dirt men to the sea behind you. Your target is the volcano. After hitting it for three times, you will see it erupting.
        dino island
        If you want to go to the bathroom and you cannot wait for another second, you can just click the door. In this way, the dirt man in it will come out right away.

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