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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Game Review:

        Brief Introduction:
        This game is based onthe famouse popular animation of the same name, which focuses on the impressive stories describing all the harships, fights and growth experienced by human and elfins together.
        This game starts from the main character passing through the forest in which a lot of elfins live there. When the familiar characters and elfins appear one after another, the dark corner of the elfin world is lurked with murderig attempt. Stepping foward little by little, you will find out that you are walking into a confusing huge net. But the wonderfulness and all kinds of unknow things also attract you.
        You will start your own training. You will go through all kinds of hardships and become a strong training master. Beside, you will see the mysterious man with ultimate goals surfacing the water. In order to unravel the conspiracy and to save the elfins, you will have to experience something that other your predecessors have never seen before.....
        This game is focuses on RPG, coupled with strategies and actions. The player will travel to different places and finish all kinds of tasks as a PM. He will also have to take challenge from other PM training masters to help his own fighting abilities. At last, he has to defeat the chefs of the eight guild halls and four heaven kings and win the last victory.

        Game strategies:
        Software application method
        ↑↓←→ control moving orbit
        D confirm/start the game
        S cancel
        Yin and Yang and sacrifice are the main content of the job of the sorcerer contained in this game. But the difference between Yin and Yang and sacrifice is that Yin and Yang are used to attack things and sacrifice is supplementary.
        The request for the offensive sorcerer is high attacking ability. But for now, there is still no soldiers. (to be improved)
        But sorcerer has the leatest amount of blood. Besides, this game itself involves abilities of speedy attack and avoid.
        It will be a lit bit of confusing in terms of adding points to the sorcerer.
        This game will reward three points for every degree.
        How to ensure that FB will not be kill by the BOSS and attack with fast speed? I will analyze in the following passage how to make points from 1-50 grades
        1-10 geades it is nothing to say because everyone can practice.
        10-20 greades It is suggested that you should improve your intelligence to attack your enemy in a much more violent way. In this way, it will be easy for you to kill the wild monster.
        20-30 grades You should think about upgrading FB. At this moment, Yin and Yang have not too much blood, thus it is likely that you will be destroyed by BOSS. It is suggested that new players should add points to the sorcerer and play the heavy rain game(the number of the specific adding points is depend on you)
        30-40 grades At this stage, you will feel that Yin and Yang can attack in a harder way bt the speed is not fast enough. Thus you should add agility points to them. How can one compare with the professional sorerer who is attacking with strong power and high ability?
        40-50 grades: When reaching to the 50th grade, diffrent players have different ideas. You can add points for yourself by preferring to PK or upgrading FB.
        Ok, may be my points are not clear enough. But this is my first time to play this game. If you think my strategies are not effective enough, don't blame me.
        I want to introduce a points adding method for you. If there is any similar instances, they are just coincidence, not copy.
        I add ten points for body aquality. Add 15-20 points to agility. Add the rest of the points to intelligence.
        This is my Yin Yang points adding experience. My errors welcome your corrections.

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