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Power Rangers Samurai
Power Rangers Samurai

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo Wii

      This is an ACT game. Generally speaking, this game can bring you with wonderful experience. But the review value of this game may be not too much valuable. The reason is that there is only fighting scenes left in your mind after playing this game. What needs to be pointed out is that the robot fighting is added to this game. Thus it will not be monotonous BOSS fights for you. You do not need to face the same enemy with the same face all the time. But the background music of this game is really exciting. It will make the game much more interesting. And this game has another drawback, that is, the five fighters always make the same pose no matter whichever pass you choose or wherever they pick a fight with you. But the graphics are 2D. Thus don't worry, this game will be rewarding for you to play. Generally speaking, it can expand your imagination by playing this game. The reason is that all of the scenes and the characters are beyond reality. In this way, this game can help you forget the reality world for now. If you are unhappy or have something in mind, you can just come in this fighting world and vent all of your negative emotions that make you feel unhappy out.