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    Power Rangers Samurai Game Review:

        Actually, this is the Power Rangers that we always watch during our childhood period. I do not remember which season exactly it belongs to. But I know they have a common name Power Rangers. The WII version of this game is published a long time ago, this time, we will promote the NDS version. Unlike the WII, this version is a horizontal ACT. At the same time, although this game is adapted from the graphics, most of its content keeps the same. Besides,, some new added content is very interesting. In this game, all of the characters are empowered with special abilities. And there is also exciting robot fight. This is an ordinary horizontal ACT. This game cannot be named as a classic one although there are many shining points. Maybe FANS can bring you with different experience.
        Generally speaking, the graphics of this game are not good enough. It seems that all of them are just real pictures put on the background of 2D. The background designing is also not good enough. You can discern the traces of montage of different materials. This game also copies some scenes from the original film. For example, when the five fighters make poses together, which is just like the scene of the original film. But the pose location keeps the same no matter whichever pass you choose or wherever they make the pose.
        The background music of this game is excellent, including the classic music of the original work or the strong electric music of different passes. This game does not leave a deep impression for many players except for the music. There is another drawback, that is, after you finishing this game, nothing is left in your mind except for the fighting pictures without dubbing.
        This game is actually not attractive enough. What you do is to attack the same monster again and agin. And there is no robot fight at the beginning. There is only the monotonous BOSS fight. You can just hit the BOSS with knife.
        There are some interactive factors for the later passes. For example, you need some special ability to unlock some pass. You can push the box and attack enemies on the tree. But the enemy looks the same. But the robot fight in much more interesting. Maybe this is what this game is proud of. And this is the biggest different between this game and its last version. This version can be regarded as a kind of improvement based on the advices brought up by players.
        But once the excitement passing over, the whole game lacks innovation. Besides, you cannot strike your enemies in a continuous way. The reason is that once you get hurt you cannot pass through your enemy and attack it. You have to draw back first. This is a normal ACT. This game cannot be named as the classic one although there are many shining points. Maybe the FANS can bring you with different experience.

        + : move character
        A:normal attack
        X:you can use the normal attack and the special attack at the same time. You can use the special skill that consumes energy by using it with the LR together.
        Y:normal attack
        Touch screen: you can use it occasionally
        Generally speaking, as an adapted game, this game is good. You can choose five characters with different abilities. But the five character varies only in their attacking power. But sometimes you need specific character to break through specific pass.
        The letter writing game before and after the game is also very interesting. But it has o influence to the whole game effect. The most interesting game is the BOSS fight. You will enter into special robots fights. You have to rotate the wheel to accumulate enough power to attack your enemy. Besides, your enemy will also attack you once it has enough power. But we can choose one direction to attack back. The first attacker will be first attacked back if both sides have enough power. But your enemy can use the FINISH when it is dying. This is the most shining point of this game.

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