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    Prisoner of War Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        If you know something about the WWII, and then you will be angry with its cruelty. Of course, only those sufferers of this war can feel this kind of cruelty and brutality.
        Have you ever imagined the life of the prisoners? This game will bring you to the German prison during the second World War. This time, the background of this game is set in a huge German prison. At the same time, this huge prison is divided into four prisons. They are Salonika、Stalag Luft I、Stalag Luft III and Colditz Castle.
        Players will act as prisoners from four countries: England, America, Netherland and French in order. What they need to do is to escape from the hell. It is interesting that Nazi tries to take back all of these running prisoners. Players will be taken to a new prison called Colditz. Here, they are designing their last escape plan.
        Players will see a lot of prisons and prisoners from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. Besides, these prisons are of the same style with those of prisons during the Second World War. In this way, you will further feel the pain suffered by those prisoners. It is said that it is too harsh for prisoners to stay behind these bars. This is even true for Nazi's prisons. You will see how those prisoners are treated by the Nazis. You will see nothing but cruelty and brutality.
        But in this game you are one of them. Nazi will hold you captive. So you need to find every means to break prison.

        Strategy guide:
        Mission 1
        You can check the time at the top left of the screen. And there is a mini radar at the lower left of the screen. Radar is very important because it can help you spy your enemy's every move.
        But the line of sight is not fixed in this game. You can see your enemy's every move even if they are out of the range that can be inspected by the radar when the sight is good. But your enemies have a keen ear. Every trivial move will make them suspect.
        As for the first mission, you need to get back to Barrack 1's place and put down the big bag. Next talk with O'Brien. Afterwards, he will show his willingness to help you break prison. But you need to provide him with "hard currency".
        We have hard currency like Dollar and Mark in reality. But in this game, hard currencies including wine, canned food and chocolate. (these "currencies are not props in this game, so you do not need to worry about that they will be confiscated") You can find many of these things in the clinic in the east.
        It is very easy for you to get to the clinic. You can just climb through a wall behind the dining room by pressing left mouse button. But keep away from the patrol tower in the south and the patrol soldier around the dining room. What you need to do is to get what you want and give it to O'Brien. During the middle of night, O'Brien will give you a nice prop--shoe cream.
        Mission 2
        Today is the best day of celebration. Do you know what I saw today? I saw my old partner JD again. God bless! I thought he was transferred to another place and kicked his bucket already! But he is alive. Besides, he provides me with a new escape plan, that is, run away by truck. But to do this, we need to pry open the door of the truck driver to get a crowbar. There a a crowbar at the barrack. But we need the key to it. So find the key first of all!
        It is very easy to find the key. You can find a bass key at the barrack on the north side of the dining room. There are several soldiers at the gate of the barrack. So you need to climb up the fence on the northeast side of the dinning room. Next you can sneak into a room in front of you and get the key. But if you still have some doubts, and then you can let JD distract your enemy during the morning exercises. But it is not necessary. Meet with JD once you get the key because there are a lot of preparation work to do before escaping from the prison.
        Mission 3
        It is raining. But this kind of weather is good to us. We need such kind of weather as our cover. JD already finished his inspection work. The warehouse is not far away from the barrack. But it is a pity that there are patrol tower and patrolling soldiers.
        Compared with the last tow missions, players need to be skillful enough to complete this mission. You can set out during the night if you are not confident enough. First, you can press the right mouse button to rub some shoe cream under the main character's feet. In this way, you will not be found easily. But this mission can also be carried out during the daylight. First, come to the behind side of Barrack 1, you can see that there is a big hole on the opposite wall. But you need to climb through the fence and then the hole as fast as you can once the patrolling soldiers walk away.
        The warehouse is in front of you. There are patrol towers on both sides of you. And there is a patrolling soldier beside the warehouse. So how can you get into it? Run to the left first (of course when the patrolling soldiers are face you with their backs) and then hide at a place opposite to the gate of the warehouse. You can also hide behind the bush. Keep this in your mind: Don't step into the radar range. In this way, it will be easier for you to break through this level.

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