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    Doras Carnival Adventure Game Review:

        Game introduction:
        Dora is a cute girl. She plays game with her friends at the carnival park. Come and join their game and take part in their wonderful adventuring journey.
        Dora"s Carnival Adventure is a very interesting simulation game designed for children.
        This is a simulation game designed for children, which is proper and interesting for children to play. Besides, it is very fit for pre-schoold children to play. With Dora coming to this children's fairy land aspired by many children, this game includes all kinds of intersting propgrammes. You will be too excited to figure out where to start!
        This game included altogether 10 items, there are bumper cars, bowling, scratching music, small car racing, blow up balloons, table hockey, maze, dolphin water gun, color wheel around, and cardsguess, etc. This game can help to practice children's calculating ability, the coordination ability between hands and eyes and memory ability.
        The color of this game is really bright. It includes all kinds of cartoons. Your child will definitely like it. Let alone there is the "stunner" - Dora! This is one of the Dora series games.
        The graphics of this game are designed according to the characteristics of children. All kinds of characters are very cute. It is also very relaxing to play this game.
        The background music of this game contains Dora's voice. Besides, there are a variety of interesting animal illustrations. This game is equipped with real voice. Compared with other Dora games, the background music of this game is really interesting, thus this game is named as the classic one of the Dora series. And it is no doubt that the popularity of this game has never diminished since its release. For many children who are Dora fans, this game is really interesting for them. This game includes altogether ten small games. All of these small games are easy and relaxing to play for your children.
        This game includes ten small games with their own respective characteristics. This game is about obtaining golden coins in the playground. Dora can buy different things with her rewards. She can restore all of them in her personal treasure chest.
        This game is very fit for children to play. This game is interesting for them to play. Besides, this game can help them to practice the coordination between their eyes and hands.

        1. Generally speaking, this game is designed for pre-school children. So it is not har to play. Thus your children can play the later passes by himself as long as I tell him how to play several passes.
        2. Fir example, if you get into the first pass and choose the basketball game, and then you will see a ticket under the basket. What you need to do is to identify the designated basket and click it after it moving several rounds among the other same two baskets. In this way, you can get a ticket.
        3. You will see a water pumping pipe if you choose the dolphine. You need to click the mouth of the dolphine, and then the water pipe will pump water into the mouth of the dolphine automatically. Remeber you have to pump water into the mouth of the dolphine. At the same time, you should note that there is a time limit.
        4. You must drive your car carefully if you choose the bumper car. You cannot run into other cars. But there is no such a rule that other cars will not attack you. Thus you have to avoid carefully. You can see that this game is closely related with our daily lives. So you do not need to worry that your child cannot control this game.

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