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    Racing Team Manager Game Review:

        Racing Team Manager is a RTL manager game. In this game, players can own their own favourite racing team. Besides, they need to manage their own racing teams and all kinds of other details. Both single player mode and multiplayer mode are available to players in this game.

        1. This game is not targeted at Chinese audience, so there is no Chinese version available to players. In this way, some players have been complained that they cannot understand the game. So next, I will specifically introduce to you every interface and some details of this game.
        Having entering into this game, you will see seven items Single Player,Host Game,Join Game,Load Game,Options,Credits,Return to Windows.
        First, let us talk something about the single players mode. You cannot try this game as soon as you enter into it. You need to buy the relative car components and assemble a care for yourself. Besides, you also need to assemble two cars altogether. They are Cars 1 and Cars2. Next you can have a test drive.
        Buy the way, you should buy the car components from the suppliers. During your test driving, you can apply right and left direction arrows to control direction, A button to accelerate and Z button to decelerate. Actually, this game is nothing different from the F1 when you are really playing it. Besides, the racing track is designed in a scientific way. So your car will not be overturned easily.You also do not need to start the game all over again.
        2. Next is the host game. There are two kinds of situations once you enter into this mode. The first situation is that you need to wait other online players to take part into this game with you. In another situation, you can invite your friends to play this online game with you.
        3. As far as load game, you can just click the icon and a list of your game records will be displayed. Besides, there is exact time and date behind each game record. So you can choose the latest game record to continue your game.
        4. You can see four items in the option. They are own team, take over team, editor, and back.
        You need to buy your own racers and racing cars before owing a team. Needless to say, you can send your team members to take part into competitions for you by acting their own parts.
        Taking over a team means that you can buy a whole team from other people if you have enough money. Editor is not a rare thing. I belive many of you have seen it in other similar games. As far as credits, you can just ignore it because I bet you will not interested in the development of this game.
        5. Another thing is the E-mail icon on the screen. You should check them regularly. The content of these E-mails might be regards from other teams or the relative information provided by the system.
        You also need to care about the News, which will tell you which team will take part into what competition, the location and the relative rewards. So do not miss the News. Assets is the money you have for now. Besides, you can check out the relative information about your team by clicking team data. These are all things you need to know. As long as you are a good racer, the language problem will not be a trouble for you now.

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