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    Ranch Rush 2 Game Review:

        Ranch Rush 2 - Saras Island Experiment is a farming simulation game developed by Fresh Games. This game is very excellent in many perspectives. You need to help the main character Sara planting flowers, feeding animals or harvesting delicious produce. Eventually, you will turn 3 acres of land into a lively ranch.
        There are different kinds of animals in this ranch, including chickens, ducks, sheep and cows. Each of them can make contributions to your ranch. For example, hens can lay eggs for you. Cows can provide you with milk. So you can add a lot of things to your ranch while the game progress. So come and operate your own ranch!

        You can handle this game only with the mouse. First plant the grass on the vacant land. Next water it. But you need to pay for 19 bucks every time for watering it. Besides, you can own a hen. In this way, this hen will lay eggs for you. So you can transport these eggs to the town and sell out all of them for money. Moreover, you can also buy a primary egg processing workshop. The purpose of which is to process those eggs into cakes. This method can help you earn more money. Of course, you can also buy sheep and sell wool and buy cow to sell silk to make extra money......
        After each level, you had better finish the tasks required by the system. Here is an exciting thing: you can also sell the bear out once you put it in a cage. But this bear might kill your other animals. Your ranch will be upgraded after each level....
        Now Sara is back with her new friend Coco. In this game, you will have the opportunity to operate a island ranch. In this way, you can try to cultivate new plants and animals, including pomegranates, pineapple, camels, and peacock, etc. At last, you can also catch fish by diving into the deep sea or buy decorations with those golden coins.
        In this game, players can have a 8 weeks long ranch life. There are more than ten interesting levels. At the end of each level, players need to finish certain tasks in the given time to earn golden coins. Besides, the system contains more than 20 different lovely medals for you to collect.
        At the beginning, you can choose the casual or free play mode. The expert mode is locked. So you cannot try it.
        Under the casual mode, you need to plant some wildflowers. So click and grad the wildflower seed first and then plant them in the indicated soil. Next, you can pick up the crates and collect all the wildflowers and take them into the barn. Note you can pick up three crates at the same time. But do remember every crates can only hold one flower. Do not worry though, the system will tell you with arrows which prop you should pick up now. So you just need to finish each step by following the tips.
        Next you need to learn how to buy new things or remove unnecessary things. Now you need to buy the banana seeds in the shop. Besides, you need to apply the cross icon to remove things that you will not need anymore.
        Remember the correct order is to plant first and then harvest. The system will not allow you to collect flowers before you planting all of the banana seeds into the indicated soil. Another thing is that you can pick up only one banana seed each time. But you can harvest all of them at the same time by picking up more than one crates.

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