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    Rebel Trucker Game Review:

        Rebel Trucker is a racing game. In this game, you will control a giant truck. In addition to this, you need to run away from the policemen’ capture because you are an illegal driver worked for the mafia gang.
        You will enjoy roads with different conditions and trucks of different features in this game. You need to avoid those local policemen as soon as you receive a task. Of course, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of bonuses every time after you finish the task. More difficult tasks means more bonuses. It depends on your driving skill in terms of how much bonuses you can earn.
        This game is developed by the Global Star. To begin with, players will act as a truck driver working for the mafia gang in Louisiana. The highway with a length of more than 100 kilometers and the many cities are real, including those all kinds of sceneries and buildings in New Orleans. You will need to deal with the local policemen when you are finishing five tasks among them. Besides, the federal official will also chase you. So you will face more than one kind of danger in this game. Under the episode mode, the open truck deal mode is available to players.

        First, you need to go through the tutorial. There are three kinds of tasks. But the content is the same, that is, cargo transportation. So you need to start from the easy ones. Besides, you shall focus on the driving skill training at the beginning of this game. No task will be a problem for you once you acquire related driving skills.
        You will be given with tasks one after another in this game. Besides, a certain amount of bonus will be given to you once you finish a task. With the progress of the game, you will be rewarded with more bonuses for more difficult tasks. But remember there is a time limit for you to finish each task!
        You need to finish your tasks within the limited period of time. But if your driving skill is not good enough, and then the whole scene will be in a muddle.
        You will not be chased immediately by the policemen once you jaywalk or knock somebody into death, which is good at first sight. But your such kind of optimism is premature because your truck is not omnipotent although it is very big. So the best practice is not to break the traffic rules.
        When it comes to attach the trailer to your truck, you excellent driving skill maybe useless, including what you learn from the VC. The reason of which is that this process is of slow pace. So your maximum running speed is 7,80MPH. There are a lot of restrictions for you!
        Although there is a training process at the beginning of this game, but I still want to mind you that you had better take more time to relocate both the truck and the trailer instead of dash forward blindly. The operation method is very simple. The buttons all you need is the Space Bar and four direction arrows.
        Another point is that it will be no problem for your truck to crush the balcony of the apartment. But it will be not an invincible opponent to the small street light poles.
        Gas up your car before you set out if there is a gas station! Of course, you need to pay for the gas! What you need to know is that if you stop in the middle of this game, you will lose the whole game! So you need to keep an eye on the gas amount left! The journey is usually very long. You need to drive for 20 minutes to get to the next destination.

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