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    Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven Game Review:

        You ramble into a mysterious graveyard after surviving from a car accident and seeking for help. And then you realized that you were trapped there once the door of the graveyard is closed behind you.
        What you need to do is to run away from this horrible graveyard and help the ghosts trapped rescue their families and release their souls! Use your special skills to find out all the hidden objects and help those ghosts get out of here.

        Novella 1
        Zoom into the lower left; pick up the METAL ROD.
        Click on the raven in the lower right; zoom into the tombstone.
        Lift the tombstone with the METAL ROD; pick up the NAMEPLATE PIECE 1/2.
        Turn right.
        Click on the raven in the lower left; zoom into the picture below the raven and remove the leaf.
        Zoom into the newspaper clipping in the lower center.
        Make a right.
        Play the Hidden Object Scene.
        Move the clothes on the line and click on the barometer if it's on your list.
        Open the oven in the lower left; pick up the NAMEPLATE PIECE 2/2.
        Exit this scene.
        Zoom into the tombstone below the statue.
        Place the 2 NAMPLATE PIECES into the tombstone's recess; "X" out of there.
        Click on the portal that appears on the left.
        Take a closer look at the little girl in the window.
        Zoom into the mailbox; pick up the NEWSPAPER.
        Zoom into the bushes in the lower center; pick up the AWL.
        Click on the raven in the upper right; zoom into the bird's nest and pick up the LIGHTER'S SHELL.
        Approach the house.
        Pick up the CLEANER by the door.
        Place the NEWSPAPER below the door and click on it to push it below the door.
        Zoom into the lock; place the AWL in the keyhole to drop the KEY onto the newspaper.
        Pull the newspaper out from below the door and pick up the KEY; open the door with the KEY.
        Turn the key once and go inside.
        Zoom into the shelf in the back wall; pick up the owl STATUETTE.
        Break the window on the right with the STATUETTE; zoom into the window and pick up the HAMMER.
        Open the cabinet by the window and pick up the FLASHLIGHT.
        Zoom into the photo on the table; pick up the BRUSH.
        Zoom into the book on the floor; the numbers 6385 will be added to your journal.
        Open the first aid kit on the floor; pick up the BANDAGE inside.
        Zoom into the grid in the upper left, use the FLASHLIGHT and pick up the FUSE.
        Zoom into the barrel and hit it with the HAMMER to roll it. Hit the barrel with the HAMMER one more time to extinguish the fire.
        Go left.
        Zoom into the panel on the right; place the FUSE in the box to trigger a puzzle.
        Place the FUSES on the panel so that each row and column adds up to 15.
        The first row should contain fuses 8, 3, and 4.
        The second row should contain fuses 1, 5, and 9.
        The third row should contain fuses 6, 7, and 2.
        Zoom into the wires on the left.
        Trace the wires at the bottom of the panel to the matching color above the panel. Click on both of them to connect them.
        Click on the lever after the puzzle has been solved.
        Zoom into the table in the lower left; pick up the SCISSORS.
        Zoom into the case in the lower left; clean it with the CLEANER and the BRUSH.
        Change the numbers on the box to 6385; pick up the GLOVES.
        Play the Hidden Object Scene on the left.
        Open the 3 cabinets to look for items.
        Zoom into the helmet in the lower center; pick up the MOUSETRAP if it's on your list.
        The AXE will be added to inventory.
        Exit this scene.
        Open the back door with the GLOVES .
        Click on any part of the screen and debris will fall, blocking your way.
        Zoom into the man's hand and pick up the KEY.
        Go through the right door.
        Open the large cabinet's left door and pick up the VISE HANDLE.
        Open the top drawer on the left; pick up the GLUE.
        Break the left wall twice with the AXE; go left.
        Zoom into the spot next to the fireplace; pick up the TONGS.
        Return to the hallway and enter the left door to access the Kitchen.
        Play the Hidden Object Scene by the microwave.
        Open the lower cabinet and the breadbox to look for hidden items.
        The KNIFE will be added to inventory.
        Return to the foyer area.
        Zoom into the broken stool on the left.
        Place the BANDAGE, GLUE, and SCISSORS on the ground.
        Cut the BANDAGE and the top of the GLUE with the SCISSORS.
        Put GLUE on each of the 5 broken sticks; place each stick in the appropriate hole. The larger sticks go on the seat and the rest of the pieces go between the larger pieces.
        Place the BANDAGE and pick up the STOOL from the ground.
        Go through the back door and then through the right door.
        Place the STOOL next to the hole in the wall, zoom into the shelf and pick up BALLERINA 1/2.
        Go left.
        Cut the carpet twice with the KNIFE; pick up the CARPET to add it to inventory.
        Return to the Basement.
        Zoom into the vice grip on the left, place the VISE HANDLE and click on it to release the SCREWDRIVER; pick up the SCREWDRIVER.
        Place the CARPET on the standing water to create the WET CARPET.
        Return to the hallway.
        Extinguish the fire with the WET CARPET and proceed forward.
        Zoom into the table on the left; it shows that the clock stopped at 10:05.
        Pick up the BROOM on the ground.
        Click on the back door and debris will fall to the ground.
        Go into the right door to reach the Bathroom.
        Zoom into the rug and pick up the SCREW below it.
        Zoom into the medicine cabinet; open it and pick up the PLIERS.
        Zoom into the bathtub; pick up the WEIGHT.
        Exit and go through the door in the far left to reach the bedroom.

        Return to the Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven Game.