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    Reincarnations: Uncover the Past Collector's Edition Game Review:

        Jane and Dr. Herzle have made a major breakthrough in reincarnation studies, but their hard work is compromised when Jane is kidnapped! Help her explore past lives as she tries to save her own life in the present in Reincarnations: Uncover the Past. Use your Hidden Object talents to take on the evil kidnappers and discover valuable clues.

        Chapter 1: Theater Emotion
        Play the Hidden Object Scene.
        Click on the chicken and take the egg it lays .
        Click first on Aladdin's Lamp and then on the genie.
        Click on the round box, circled in red, and take the ticket roll.
        The TICKET ROLL will be added to inventory.
        Take a closer look at the roof; click on the plug in the lower right to turn off the lights.
        Go back down.
        Zoom into the pile of leaves in the lower right; move them aside and take the THEATER KEEPER'S MASK.
        Zoom into the front door; give the theater guard the TICKET ROLL to open its mouth.
        Click on the buttons above the guard's head to change the position of the teeth to the pattern shown on the ticket, on the right.
        Click on buttons C, B, A, and B.
        Place the TICKET in the guard's mouth to have it punched. Go inside the theater.
        Play the Hidden Object Scene on the left.
        Give the cymbal to the monkey; click on the monkey.
        Zoom into the cash register; take the tooth.
        The PALETTE KNIFE will be added to inventory.
        Zoom into the keeper; place the THEATER KEEPER'S MASK on his face and take the AMULET from its bag.
        Go through the entrance next to the keeper.
        Zoom into the carpet in the lower right; move all the items aside and take the BACKDROP.
        Go through the hallway.
        Take a closer look at the tiny puppet theatre on the right.
        Place the BACKDROP in the left slot to activate the puzzle.
        Duplicate the image on the backdrop on the set by placing all the items in the right spots.
        Use the ROPE on the left to zoom in and out of the backdrop.
        Click on the "CHARACTERS" button and the "OBJECTS" button on the right to make those items appear on the scene.
        Use the arrows on the right to move the pieces until into the correct spots.
        Take the PLUMP PUPPET KEY after the puzzle has been solved.
        Go left.
        Take the SCREWDRIVER in the lower left.
        Zoom into the peacock-looking creature.
        Place the AMULET in the center to trigger a Hidden Object Scene.
        Zoom into the mask in the lower right and take the Poison, Pin, and Spider.
        Click on the doll's chest in the upper center and take the heart.
        Place the cheese near the mouse and click on the mouse once it nears.
        The LION FIGURE will be added to inventory.
        Click down.
        Click on the tapestry on the back wall to remove it.
        Zoom into the frame and place the LION FIGURE in the empty slot.
        Take the WRENCH.
        Click down twice.
        Zoom into the puppet on the right; undo the four buttons.
        Place the PLUMP PUPPET KEY in the keyhole to trigger a Hidden Object Scene.
        The LIGHT BULB will be added to inventory.
        Go outside the theater.
        Zoom into the playbills; remove them with the PALETTE KNIFE.
        Unscrew the bolts with the WRENCH; take the DOOR KEY.
        Zoom into the roof; place the LIGHT BULB on the lights to repair them.
        Take a closer look at the gargoyle; take the HAMMER .
        Enter the theater, go forward, right, and then left.
        Zoom into the back door to trigger a puzzle.
        Assemble the piece by dragging the pieces onto the board.
        Place the DOOR KEY in the keyhole and go through the door.
        Take the ELECTROLYTE BOTTLE in the upper left.
        Zoom into the box by the window; open the hand and take the SPONGE.
        Place the HAMMER on the left cabinet to trigger a Hidden Object Scene.
        Cut open the doll with the knife and take the stuffing.
        The OIL CAN will be added to inventory.
        Go outside the theater; zoom into the fountain in the lower left.
        Place the SPONGE in the fountain; take the CLOCK ORNAMENT .
        Go to the back room.
        Zoom into the clock in the lower right; place the CLOCK ORNAMENT on the clock to activate a puzzle.
        Place the pieces from the side tray onto the appropriate clock slots.
        Correct pieces will lock into place.
        Take the SPRING in the center of the puzzle.
        Click down.

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