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    rFactor Game Review:

        According to the developer, real dynamics will be applied into this game. So the sense of speed is vivid. And the operation feeling is more real. All of these factor will bring players in a real car racing situation.
        Besides, the sound effect is also very good. During the game, different racing cars are equipped with different sound effect, even for some trivial sounds, including the sound of gear shifting. All of differences depend on the building material, powerhouse and other driving factors of the racing car.
        It is said that the biggest advantage of this game is that it is available for player to try the online mode, allowing players to choose their own beloved car. Besides, there will be a ranking list for them. So it is more challenging for players. Coupled with sophisticated racing tracks and competent opponents, it is no doubt that players can find their own car racing world in this game.

        In the main menu, pick any of the two race car classes and once you do that, go to Control and start a testing run. Doesn't matter what track you select.
        In the menu where you actually debrief everything, you'll see a chatbox on the lower left of the menu.
        In that box, type ISI_BABYFACTORY and send it, then exit the race. Once you do, you'll see that you're left with way more money, if not all of the cars, unlocked.
        But you need to note that this is a very rel car racing game, so there are some natural disasters involved into this game, like the tornado. So it is really a kind of test to your driving skill and concentration degree.
        The next important point is drifting. To be simple, drifting is to let your rear wheel keep spinning. But first you need to make sure that the TC and the F1 are null. You need to make sure that you can freely control the steering wheel.
        Specifically´╝îyou need to slow down suddenly and then drive into the turn. During the turning, you should stamp on the accelerator and turn the steering wheel in an opposite way. And then drive yourself out of the turning.
        But it is suggested to use FD because in this way, it will be easier for you to drive the car. But it will not be wise to use the keyboard to perform the drifting.
        But also you need to be very careful even if you have finished a perfect drifting, or you will knock into a wall. So your prior perfect drifting will be pointless under such circumstances. The good news is that you can drive carefully and avoid all the obstacles. Besides, you can record your perfect job and share it with your friends. But you should know that it will be a hard work for a new player to complete this work.
        Once you can handle the drifting, it means that you are almost a master. So next you can take part into the online mode. In which, you can compete with players all over the world. After each competition, there will be a ranking for you. It is really awesome if you rank high!

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