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    RignRoll Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Most players are familiar with the game RignRoll, which is a comprehensive game. In this gane, players will act as a young man who comes to California in 2014. In order to occupy the California cargo delivery market, he tries to finish every mission with whole heart. Besides, he tries to be the only dominator of the California roads.
        Players will drive on the highways at the western America. From San Francisco to San Diego and from San Jose to Los Angeles, players will rich their vault and build their own delivery team. At last, they can control the whole delivery network in the western area.
        This game vividly show the whole traffic network of the Western area of America. The road lines are borrowed from the real traffic lines. There are highways, interstates, and national highways. 42 real cities and town and building and bridges within them will occur in this game. Every highway, every building and every scenery are borrowed from the reality. All their names are true. Thus you can say that this game is a miniature of west America! Besides, there are no road blockades. So players can go anywhere they want to and find the "shortcut".

        Strategy guide:
        This game includes more than dozens of truck heads with different styles. They look like real trucks. Players can enjoy the car from different visual perspectives. There are special vehicles hidden in this special trucks. Players can purchase all of these trucks at the headquarter.
        Each truck can be upgraded at the vehicle service station. Besides, players can buy accessories to enhance the performance of their truck. The accessories includes exterior decorations and packaging. Some functions cannot be used unless upgraded. For example, there are GPS navigation systems, the accelerator (the effect is very obvious, but fuel consumption is very expensive!). If your car speed is more than 100, and then the motion blur function is in effect!
        The truck has in-built loss and damage system. Even if there is no collision, your car will require regular maintenance at a vehicle service station. Otherwise, there will be a high probability of breakdown. For example, start failure, slow start, and steering failures and so on.
        When the vehicle is involved in a major accident, which will be even more serious loss of mechanical properties. Of course, your truck will de deformed and damaged in an accident. If the damage is too serious to go on your journey, you should call 911. It is the same case to refueling. You need to refuel your car regularly at the gas station regularly. The oil prices varies depending on area the time. You can also improve the fuel tank capacity by upgrading your truck.
        If you break the traffic rules in this game, the policeman will ask you to have a cup of coffee. Reverse driving, hit AI vehicles are not permitted in this game. The policeman will chase you immediately if you try to run away. It will be wise for you to stop and pay for the fine because the longer you run, the severer the punishment. Usually, the fine will be about 200~500. It will not surpass 1000. But if you make a serious mistake, the fine will be over ten thousands. If you make an unforgivable mistake, and then you have to start the game all over again! Remember your income for this long-distance delivery will be about 10,000~40,000. Besides, you have to pay for the fuel fee and maintenance fee for your car. Of course, if you have enough money and you want to be crazy for once, and then you can play a chasing game with the policeman.
        The first arriver will be rewarded with rich bonuses. He can have a pure truck racing game with other trucks. But players can only find such kind of task in the cargo yard. These tasks specifically include help to deliver the roadside emergencies smuggling container; receive phone calls up about cargo delivery; accept other entrusted tasks in the bar; read newspapers in the bar; accept task through email; give a ride to the traveler .... and so on.
        You can knock your opponent with your truck during the game in order to dominate a favorable position. But first you need to make sure that your car is strong enough. This kind of move will also attract the police. There is a time limit for suck kind of tasks. Once players cannot finish their tasks during this limited period of time, and then it will be canceled automatically. Players need to pay for most of these tasks. As for some tasks, players have abundant time to finish them. As for other tasks, players do not have too much time. But the reward is more rich once they finish this task.
        Players can accept several tasks at the same time. But if they fail to deliver the cargo to the given destinations on time, the task will be canceled automatically. Besides, players will be fined with a certain amount of money. So players should give each task a second thought before accepting it. Otherwise, they will lose money instead of make money.
        It will be not easy for you to make money in this game. So you should not accept tasks that are not convenient for you. For example, you can pick up travelers on the road. My suggestion is to save your game before performing the next task. In this way, you can continue from here even if your earlier decision is not wise enough. But you cannot take this measure for some tasks.
        In this game, players can sleep at the motel whenever they want. Besides, they can read newspaper, chat with other people, hire drivers and accept special tasks to get relative information.

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