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    Robin's Quest: A Legend Born Game Review:

        Once there was a cruel ruler who levied heavily on his people after continuous years with poor harvests. So somebody stood forward and tried to fight for the well-being of these people at all costs. So help the main character of this game who was born into a poor family become the hero of his age!

        General Tips
        This is a Hidden Object Adventure game. In addition to the items on the Find List, you must find Key Items that go into your Inventory Tray so they can be used later.
        There is no timer.
        Use the MENU tab in the lower left to return to the Main Menu.
        The game autosaves automatically.
        Most locations have a main scene and 1 or more additional zoom scenes. The zoom scenes will sparkle and your cursor will change to a twirling magnifying glass in that area.
        When you click on the sparkles the zoom scene will open.
        Many areas do not sparkle until you have completed other tasks, so be alert to new sparkles during a chapter.
        You can travel to unlocked scenes in any order you like, and revisit scenes as much as you like.
        If you have done everything you can in a location, there will be an AREA CLEAR sign at the top of the screen. You may still need to travel through that area to get to another location.
        Because different players will do things in different order, there's no fixed length to the game.
        If you want to get a sense of how far along you are, check the Journal to see how many PARDON PIECES you have collected. You will need to collect all 62 to complete the game, so if you've collected 25 so far you know you have a lot of gameplay left.
        General Tips for the Inventory Tasks
        This game has many adventure elements where you must complete tasks important to the story, like opening a locked chest. Inventory tasks cannot be skipped.
        You will get hints about inventory tasks from the comments that Robin makes in the lower right.
        The spoken dialogue sometimes has more information than the written text. You can turn the dialogue value down if you don't want these extra clues by using OPTIONS from the Main Menu.
        Key Items are needed to complete the inventory tasks. Key Items may appear on the Find List in the zoom scenes, be stand alone items in the main scene, or be given to you automatically when you complete other tasks. For example, opening a treasure chest may add several Key Items to your inventory tray.
        Key Items are not identified ahead of time, so check your inventory at the end of each Hidden Object Scene and Quest to see if any new items have been added.
        Key items may be used in the scene where they are found or later in the game.
        If you collect more than one of the same kind of item, for example 2 SILVER NUGGETS, they will go into the same tray in your inventory.
        If you pick up an item from your Inventory Tray and then decide you don't want to use it, click on any empty space in the tray to put it back.
        If there is a spot in the scene where you can use a Key Item, the cursor will change to gears.
        The Inventory Tray is always open in the main scenes. Use the arrows on the left and right to scroll through your inventory.
        To use a Key Item, click on it in the Inventory Tray, move the cursor to where you want to use it, then click again.
        The task list in the upper left of the screen will remind you what your current objectives are.
        The lower left counter shows you how many PARDON PIECES you have collected for the current Merry Man.
        The Hint Jar shows you how many HINTS you have available. You can use HINTS during main scenes to help with inventory tasks.
        For more detail on the current Quest or to check your progress, open the Journal in the lower right. Some secret codes will also be recorded in the Journal.
        General Tips for the Hidden Object Scenes
        All objects are generally the right color and size.
        You may only be able to see part of an object.

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