Roller Splat!
Roller Splat!
Roller Splat!

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System Requirements:
      This is a very popular game around the world. You might guess that this must be a very complicated game. Actually, it is not, the whole layout of this game is very simple. There is only one ball and a maze. What you need to do is to color the whole maze with a certain ball of a certain color. These balls are colorful. There are yellow balls, green balls and so on. Although the design pattern of this game is simple, players including you might be addicted to this game easily. The charming of this game lies in its simplicity. So you do not need to worry about all the skills and strategies that players should be equipped with in other games. In this simple game, you just need to relax and enjoy yourself. All the shining points of this game will come to you naturally. It is amazing to follow this ball and travel in this wonderful maze. You will find a wholly new experience here.
      And try not to devalue this game by thinking that such simple game is for children. Actually, playing this simple game will give an adult a sense of fulfillment because this small game can help them truly concentrate and focus on this ball, that is, truly watch themselves. It feels like it is not the ball but you who is really wandering in this maze in a distinctive way.
      But remember the track of the ball cannot be repeated. You cannot retreat backward along the old track. It is very important to keep this in mind. Otherwise, you will come to the end of this game.
      So I will not bother you with more unnecessary words. Just immerse yourself into this 3D maze and fully enjoy yourself!