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System Requirements:
      Have you ever heard of the sausage war? Yes, you may want to tell me that there cannot be such thing! How can sausages fight? But it is true. And in this game, you will have the chance to experience sausage wars. You cannot imagine how interesting it is! It will make you laugh all the time. Everything is so funny and so amazing. Your main job is to control one of the sausages and try to fight against other sausages.
      It is very easy for you to play this game. You just need to drag this sausage moving from side to side. And if you want to attack other sausages, just release your finger. So it is suitable for people of any age to try this game. And there is no need for you to worry about that you might be too young or too old to try this game. But you will laugh a lot when you’re enjoying yourself in this sausage world.
      When you are entering into this game, you will find yourself standing among many colorful sausages. All these sausages of different colors are prepared to fight against each other. Of course, these sausages have no weapons of any kind. So their only weapon is their heads. Just try your best to hit all the other sausages down one by one with your flexible and strong head. The wise strategy is that you can push them to bump into those axes and knives surrounding the fighting circle.
      Each time when you kill a sausage, you can become bigger and stronger, which means it will be easier for you to fight against other sausages. At first, you may need to hit three or four times to take down another sausage. But right now when you become stronger, you can just strike once, and the job is done. But sometimes things might become tricky, especially when there is only you and another sausage left behind on the fighting stage. You will find that it is really hard to kill the other sausage, since you and your opponent are both strong enough. So you need to be clever. It is a really wrong decision for you to fight against the other sausage face to face. Try to attack the sausage from the left side or the right side or from the behind, which can give you a great advantage.
      Anyway, this is a really interesting and wonderful game. All the sausages are very cute and colourful. And if you are a girl, you can even choose to put some skirt on the sausage and make it prettier. And the soundtrack will also make you feel happy. The whole atmosphere is both serious and hilarious. At the same time, you will laugh a lot. And if you would like to, you can invite your best friends to play this game together. You can try to compete with each other and see who can be the last sausage standing on the fighting stage. It is not just a problem of force. Actually, this game also tests your reaction ability and your controlling speed. But no matter what happens, never give up because you will never know who will be the final winner until the final moment comes. But be careful! There are still a lot of obstacles and traps. For example, never fall into the trap on the battlefield and never get cut by the scissors. Wish you luck and hope you can be the next sausage king!