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Savanna Craft
Savanna Craft
Savanna Craft

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System Requirements:
      Our hero brine is a former miner who escaped on a journey from his brother Steve, falls into the wild conditions of survival in the uncharted lands! This land full of dangerous surprises and hungry predators. Taste all the trials and wildlife prairie savanna, calculates every step, in order to avoid becoming a victim, explore dangerous territory, locate valuable resources and materials for the construction of their home, fend off wild animals and the worst enemies of the world. Build your own castle, craft items and weapons for defense against bandits and wild tribes. Become the top of the food chain, be a predator - but not a victim!
  • Craft different items, weapons and armor.
  • Game store and daily bonuses in the form of coins.
  • Ease of creating objects.
  • Many kinds of blocks for construction.