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    Save the Furries! Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This is a 3D action game. It is about the adventuring journey of a green plant called Furries. This plant travels between different planets. And there are a lot of dangerous things lurked in these planets. So players need to help Furries remove these dangers beforehand.

        Strategy guide:
        Actually, it is not difficult to play this game. But you need to find your own way to break through some specific passes. Besides, players need to rescue all the Furries in this game. If you are not very particular about the score and desire to experience new passes as soon as possible, and then you can just rescue one Furry.
        Here is the first pass. You can pave a road for the Furries by moving two crates. In this way, these Furries will get to their destination, which means you successfully save them. You can get the full score by rescuing three Furries in this pass. It is very simple.
        The second pass: For some players, this pass maybe a little bit difficult. First they need to pull the sling and then release it to fire the Furry out. Here it is also a matter of gravity. The harder you push, the farther the Furry will go.
        The third pass: Here is a new prop. You will see a bridge in this pass. So you need to destroy the bridge by clicking it. Next put the Furry on the sling and release it. But before releasing, you should aim at the destination but not to aim at sky or other random places. Or you will fail.
        The fourth pass: Move the three crates to the correct place by instinct and these Furries will walk to their destination automatically. Don't worry you will not know how to do it exactly. There will be relative hint for you.
        The fifth pass: Here is another new character. They are little blue men. The Furry will tell you that these little blue men always invite them to have a dinner. But don't trust hem because these blue little men will devour these Furries once the Furry get to their place. So your task is still about sending these Furries to their destination. You should ignore these little blue men.
        The sixth pass: You will see a car full of Furries in this pass. Actually, you do not need to worry that you can not finish your task. It is very simple. Just drag the car to the destination. Next click the car, you will see two arrows. Click the right arrow and the Furries will walk to their destination automatically. It is easy for you to get the full score in this pass.
        The seventh pass: There is no new character in this pass. What you need to do is also very simple. Put these Furries on the sling and release it.
        The eighth pass: Many players need to try more than once to break through this pass because you need to be creative to break through this pass. That is to say, you do not need to move any plates in this pass, but you need to drag them to the correct place at proper time. There are altogether two plates. For the first plate, you can drag it up with your mouse and make a road. Next you can drag the second crate as quickly as you can when Furries are close to the edge. In this way, the Furry will bounce to their destination at the help of the force given by the plate.

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