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SBKX Superbike World Championship
SBKX Superbike World Championship

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System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: P4 2.4 GHz
Size:2 GB

      SBKX Superbike World Cham-pionship is a motorcycle racing game. This game is very popular since its release. Players have been enthusiastic about this game for a long time. This game can help players really understand the true meaning of speed and that kind of pleasure brought to them by the flying speed. But generally speaking, this game surpasses other similar games out of three advantages. The first advantage is that players can create a motorcycle for themselves, which is very innovative and not permitted in other games. In this way, players can choose to create a motorcycle with their own style. So the car is part of them. This will do a lot for players to fully enjoy this game. The second advantage of this game is the Champion mode of this game. Unlike other games, players have to take challenge from other players at the beginning of this game. But in this game, players can drive their motorcycles to different countries and enjoy different racing tracks. The most important thing is that they can polish their driving skills before the challenging mode. The last advantage of this game is that players can apply the camera to take pictures for themselves. In this way, they can share their game experience with other players. In a word, this is an excellent motorcycle racing game.