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    Scooby Doo First Frights Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Scooby Doo First Frights is the new work made by Torus Games. To play this game, players need to solve puzzles by applying their excellent controlling skills. In this way, they can kill their enemy and collect relative information about their secret enemy. At last, they can finish their task.
        This game is adapted from a popular cartoon film of the sixties. The main character of this game is a talking dog named Scooby. The original film has already been published since 1970s. Warner released this animated film for the first time in 2002 with a box office of more than 153 million US dollars.
        The content of this game is very rich and the adventuring story included in this game is also very interesting. Players can change the appearance of their character by applying different props. Besides, players will be rewarded with new characters once they break through the designated pass. As an adventuring game with high quality, both the background story and the graphics of this game are spoken highly of by many players. The 3D designing can also help players a lot to control different characters to finish all kinds difficult actions and apply a great variety of fighting strategies.

        Players can use the keyboard to control different characters. Don't worry. There will be relative hints in the gaming process. You just need to pay attention to them.
        ASDW/four directions keys: move
        Space: jump
        Ctrl: attack
        Tab: change between characters
        Every character is equipped with different skills
        Once you come across red stone plate, first jump onto it and then press Space followed by pressing Ctrl for twice to open the channel.
        First, there is a dialogue. And then you can get into Episode one by press Enter. At the beginning of this game, the four characters are discussing about taking part into the eating game. But Daphne wants to find her cousin sister Anna first before they set out. So Scooby and its parter will look for Anna in the schoolyard,
        Actually, it is very easy for you to find out Anna. You can just walk by following tips. On your way, the benches and dustbins in your way are need to be destroyed for bones. You should collect as many as bones you can because you can use them to buy new clothes and other things for yourself. After you guys get to the school, you should get into the wall covered by green plants on both sides. Next you will come to a fountain. Jump to the platform above the fountain by double jump.
        There are tow platforms here. You can climb to the first platform at the help of the staircases. But it is impossible to jump onto the second platform from the ground. I was nearly tired to death because I was too silly at first sight to try my best to jump onto the second platform from the ground. The correct way is to jump form the first platform to the second platform. Next you should keep walking until you see a stone statue with a book in its hand. So next you need to get a triangular thing above a pile of bones by jumping to the book first and applying double jump to get it.
        After this, Anna will stand in front of you. She will tell you that the music roon is haunted by a fantom. So next you will help expel the fantom. But before this task, you want to have a cup of coffee for recharging some energy. Anna tells you that the cafeteria is within the building. But how to get there. See the already started bus with a light over it. Jump onto this bus and jump over to the next garden. From this, you can see that this game is really creative. You need to use your head to find relative strategies for yourself. Here you need to change character by pressing Tab. At last, you can move two leaves and then press Enter to finish this Episode.

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