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    Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff Game Review:

        The story in this game happened in some ancient age in China. The female character in this game witnessed the scene that the male character was captured by the bad guy. Afterwards, the female character found out that the male character was her childhood playmate Zihao. So she started an adventuring journey to rescue the male character.
        During this process, she became to know that the male character, her playmate is the real emperor and his uncle wanted to kill him. For the sake of the friendship, our female character set foot on a long journey to save her playmate. At last, she succeeded and everything ended well.
        Players need to find words, pictures and play other mini games. Generally speaking, the operation method is not something out of the box. The puzzles are needed to be solved by traveling between different scenes.
        It will not be tiresome for players to identify words in this game. On the contrary, it will be troublesome for players to find relative pictures. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you still cannot find some piece. Under such circumstances, you need to turn to the hint.
        It will not be boring for players to try this game because there are a lot of interesting mini games designed for players, including maze, location exchange, graffiti and so on.
        To be honest, I think the background music of this game is really wonderful. It is the game with the perfect sound track among all the similar games that I ever tried. Although some traditional AVG inclined to have a tinge of Chinese style, the result was not very optimistic. But each chapter of this game is equipped with a perfect sound track, so perfect that you will feel like you are immersing yourself into a real RPG. It might be sweet or quite, light or elegant.

        General Tips
        Click on the Options button to adjust the Music Volume, Effects, Custom Cursor, and Display.
        You can choose to do a tutorial after the beginning intro.
        When your cursor changes to an arrow, you can travel in that direction.
        When your cursor changes to a hand, you can pick that item up.
        When your cursor changes to a magnifying glass, you can take a closer look at that item.
        There are hotspots that will not sparkle until you place your cursor over them. Be sure to check all areas!
        You can interact with the animals in the scene by clicking on them.
        You will need to find pieces of some items in order to complete them.
        A ring of items around the incomplete item will show you the pieces required.
        Hints replenish quickly.
        You can interact with the animals in the scene by clicking on them.
        Click and drag the found item to the main circle. The circle around the piece will turn blue when you place it in the ring.
        All puzzles can be skipped eventually.
        There are no penalties for random clicking.
        Press the "Esc" key, or menu, to exit game.
        Chapter 1: A Chance Encounter
        Find the JADE PIECE.
        Click on the pole in the basket and find the items needed.
        You will need to drag the pieces into the big circle. A FISHING ROD will be added to inventory.
        Click on the mill on the left and find the items needed.
        Click on the door to find the dog (note that another task is added).
        Go through the passage on the left and head to the pier.
        Click on the hotspot on the pier to get the first set of items.
        After finding all the parts, click on another hotspot in the same area. TOOLS will be added to inventory.
        Use the TOOLS three times on the crate, on the pier, to open it and then click on the lid to remove it.
        Get the ALCOHOL from the open crate.
        Click on the sparkling area in the bottom right for a close-up.
        Find all the items on the list.
        A DRAGON EGG will be added to your inventory.
        Give the DRAGON EGG to the DRAGON.
        You can now head toward the jail to the right.
        Click on the hotspot to the left, by the wheel, and get the STONE and the DOG BISCUIT.
        Give the ALCOHOL from inventory to the vagrant and get the GUARD'S BADGE.
        Use the FISHING POLE in inventory on the green bottle in the water; it will be reeled to the left bank.
        Use the STONE twice on the bottle to open it and take the DRIED BLACK BEANS.
        Click on the blue cloth, on the wall to the left of the stairs, to get the lock puzzle.

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