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    Shrek Forever After Game Review:

        Brief Introduction:
        Shrek has a green head with no hair. He also has a pair of long ears. There is a talking donkey who is always beside him. This game is adapted from the famous movie named Shrek Forever After by DreamWorks SKG. Players will feel happy by playing this game. You can get into the kingdome and starts series of adventuring journey.
        This game is an adventuring game. There are four characters, including Shrek, princess Pheona. Donkey and the cat. Players can choose any of the character to start the game. Every character has his or her own attacking skills and special skills. On the journey to the kingdom, players have to kill the enemy sent by evil witch. Beside, thay also have to remove all of the obstacles by applying different skills owned by different characters.
        Fihgting and special skills
        First, let us talk something about fighting. The original film is a very happy one. Thus the game also includes happy and naughty toutches. When the players fighting with their enemies, the familiar background music will come back. Besides, there are wonderful fighting actions and special skills. If you like Shrek, you will feel the pleasure brought to you by this game.
        As what we said before, this is not a pure fighting game. there are also some passes and riddles to test players logic thinking ability. Players need to apply ifferent kinds of skills to remove obstacles included in this game. In the middle of this game, some clips of animation will be played for you to watch, which is really interesting.

        Strategy guide:
        The game operation is very easy. Ou can attack your enemies by pressing key A in front of your enemy. Every character owns different skills and attacking pattern. The most powerful characters are Shrek and Princess Pheona because their last move can kill a number of enemies. You can change characters by clicking different direction keys.
        Excpet for the ordinary attack, player can attack their enemies by applying different skills denpending on the character. Players can kill their enemy by pressing key B. The most interesting thing is the special ability owned by the donkey. He will hum a song in an aukward way during the journey. And there will be notes flying on the game scene. As long as your enemies toutch the note, they will be dead.
        Four players can play this game at the same time. Players can start this game by pressing Start anytime. Players can get into the kingdom through cooperation and find out the truth.
        Whay needs to be pointed out is that there is a white tip on the head of the article who can fight with other characters. If the article can not be moved or you cannot destroy it, and then there will be a tip to tell you who should carry out the mission. This kind of direct tip will make players feel free to apply different characers.
        You should use Shrek to push or take up heavy things. There will be a white hand over the head of the article.
        Pheona Princess can help you set fire on all of the flammble things. There will be a mark of fire on the bucket or dry wood.
        Cat can climb up all kinds of obstacles. There is a mark of the cat on the obstacle.
        After every stage, players will get back to the Ogre Camp for a break. Players can buy the things used for upgrade with the coins they obtained. As long as players are careful enough to collect all the olden coins within the scene, they can buy all the articles in the shop.
        The pity is that there is no in-built subtitle for this game. Thus you need to help your child to be familiar with the storyline. The game will be interesting for players who have watched the original film. It is very interesting to say the donkey nagging all the time beside Shrek. You should considerate to buy this game if you also enjoy the pleasure brought up by D\Shrek.

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